Visionix Releases Wavefront-based Lensmeter

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Visionix VX 35 Lens Meter
Top Line: Visionix is releasing a new automatic lensmeter, the VX 35.
Close Up: The wavefront-based lensmeter features a 130-point simultaneous measurement. Built with patented Visionix Power Map technology, the VX 35 offers exceptionally rapid and accurate measurements, according to Visionix.
Vital Stats: This instrument also features a unique green light measurement which optimizes accuracy regardless of the lens type. Additionally, the VX 35 saves time by using the same method for measuring both prescription and UV transmission. With a wide range of measurement for all lens types, automatic detection of progressive lenses, an integrated thermal printer, PD measurement, and a contact lens mode, the VX 35 offers the full range of features eyecare professionals require.; click on E-Catalogue. (800) 292-7468

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Topcon Introduces the MC-4S, A Compact Mirror Chart

Topcon MC-4S 3D Mirror Chart
Top Line: The new MC-4S allows eyecare professionals to maximize their exam space. It simulates a full 20 ft. lane in a 2’-5’ range, allowing for use in very small refraction areas. The MC-4S features a high resolution, polarized LCD display that includes all common visual acuity charts as well as the ability to show 3D movies or to show the effects of polarization on a patient’s glasses. The MC-4S can be linked to Topcon’s CV-5000S vision tester and EXAM-5000 refraction system through the KB-50 one-dial controller.
Close Up: Besides the well-known Landolt-rings and red/green charts, the MC-4S also provides original motion “active charts” that are useful for checking stereo-vision, astigmatism, heterophoria, etc.
Vital Stats:
  • Test distance: Equivalent to 5.0m
  • Test chart: Visual acuity test chart for visual acuity 0.03 - 2.0 and visual function test chart
  • Chart display: Charts of one horizontal line, one vertical line, one character, R&G, reversed, B&W are displayed. Contrast is changed. Polarization display is possible.
  • Filter: Polarized filter
  • Luminance: 200 +/- 20cd/m2
  • Contrast : 85 percent or more
  • Installing distance: 60cm, 80cm or 100cm (from the vertex of the patient to the chart window of the instrument)
  • Dimensions: 440mm wide, 339mm deep, 1330mm high
  • Weight: 20.3kg; (800) 223-1130

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Optovue Launches Next Generation Widefield Enface OCT

Avanti Widefield Enface OC
Top Line: Optovue is launching the Avanti Widefield Enface OCT. Avanti is a next generation diagnostic device providing an all-in-one solution for posterior and anterior high-speed, high-resolution OCT imaging offering 70,000 A-scans per second, Widefield 3D motion correction and 3 micron digital resolution (sampling). With the next wave of OCT technology innovation in mind, Avanti is designed as a scalable platform to take eyecare professionals to the next level in clinical OCT.
Close Up:  “Avanti not only offers the new Widefield 3D Enface OCT scanning to meet today’s clinical needs, this is also a platform for future OCT innovations that will extend the clinical utility of this technology beyond what even the inventors imagined a few short years ago,” stated Jay Wei, Founder and CEO of Optovue.
Vital Stats: In addition to its high-speed and high-resolution, Avanti offers a broad range of functionality across multiple clinical applications including:
  • 40 ĚŠ Widefield Enface OCT with SMART Motion Correction offering a larger field of view than the standard OCT device
  • Simultaneous Multi-Layered Assessment of Peripheral Retina Pathology
  • Retina Tracking at 30 frames/second, providing detail and clarity to assess the retina, as well as the ability to monitor patients and track disease progression
  • Fovea Location Recognition
  • Deep Choroidal Imaging
  • Optic Disc, RNFL & Ganglion Cell Complex Assessment
  • TCP: Total Cornea Power
  • Pachymetry Mapping
  • Epithelial Thickness Mapping (available for international sale only); (510) 623-8868

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Eschenbach Offers Super Bright LED Lamp Magnifier

Vario LED Lamp Magnifier (#2781)
Top Line: Eschenbach’s new Vario LED Lamp Magnifier (#2781) combines excellent optics, maximum flexibility and bright illumination. The large, 76mm lens provides 6D (2.5x) of magnification and offers a nearly distortion-free image. The patented cera-tec coating on the lens minimizes scratching by over 50 percent, thereby extending the life of the product. The lens is surrounded by a ring of 63 SMD LEDs which produce up to 6,000lx of brightness. Two settings can be selected—full shadow-free illumination with the entire ring illuminated, or segment illumination with about half of the LEDs illuminated which produce a beam of light.
Close Up: The Vario LED Lamp Magnifier features an ergonomically shaped handle and a flexible gooseneck arm that allows the lens to tilt in many directions ensuring an easy and precise adjustment of the magnifier to suit individual requirements.  The lamp has a clamp at its base that attaches to any table up to about 60mm (2.4”) in thickness. The lamp is designed to use a low level of energy consumption—only five watts.
Vital Stats: Eschenbach’s new Vario LED Lamp Magnifier allows the user to perform hands-free detailed tasks, and is particularly useful when flexibility is needed to view text or objects. Due to its bright illumination, it can also be used as a stand-alone lamp as well.; (800) 487-5389

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