Sifi MedTech Intros All-in-One Visual Analyzer

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Yang Smart Visual Analyzer
Top Line: Yang Smart is an "all-in-one" visual analyzer. It measures vision ability more accurately and in less time than competitive systems, according to Sifi Medtech, which manufacturers and distributes it.
Close Up: Yang Smart is easy to use, and the exam is quicker compare to a traditional visual analyzer, Sifi Medtech said. The unit features a light sensor that measures environment light. This sensor indicates the most appropriate light for each measurement.
Vital Stats: Yang Smart offers a broad range of visual ability tests: standard visual acuity tests, random tests, color sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, fixation, phorias and many others. The system is composed by a central unit, featuring a 19" LCD screen and the infrared remote control. It can be located at any patient distance and is controlled by a remote control.
www.sifimedtech.com/en; (408) 477-5989

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Gulden Intros Two New Compact Magnetic D-15 Color Blindness Diagnostic Tools

Magnetic D-15 color blindness diagnostic kits
Top Line: Gulden Ophthalmics is introducing two new compact magnetic D-15 color blindness diagnostic kits that offer significant advantages over previous D-15 test kits. The kits are comprised of numbered colored discs housed in a compact sealed plastic box that is only 16” x 4”, thus saving valuable counter space in the examination room compared to other magnetic D-15 kits.
Close Up: The tests are easy to administer and simple and easy to perform by patients, according to Gulden. Patients simply use a magnetic stylus to arrange the discs in the correct color order as they perceive it and the arrangement is then evaluated. Patients with color perception deficiencies (“color blindness”) will have difficulties trying to arrange the colored discs and will usually make mistakes. The evaluation of the patient’s arrangement differentiates normal color perception from congenital or acquired moderate and strong defects in deutan (green and green weak blindness), protan (red blindness) or tritan (blue-yellow blindness) color discrimination. Based on the mistakes the type of color blindness as well its severity can be calculated. The tests can be used for occupational evaluation and classification. Encased in the plastic enclosure, the discs are kept clean, are not subject to fingerprints as in unenclosed, unprotected test kits, and cannot be lost; a convenient velcro cover protects the discs from fading due to sunlight and ambient light. The kits include a magnetic stylus with leather pouch and score sheet.
Vital Stats: The widely-used popular D-15 color blindness tests are available in this new, compact, magnetic format: the standard Farnsworth Dichotomous D-15 and the Lanthony Desaturated D-15 with desaturated color discs, which make the test more challenging.
www.guldenophthalmics.com; (800) 659-2250

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Super Systems Enhances Website With New Features And Updates

Top Line: Super Systems Optical Technologies, developers of the FastGrind in-office lens surfacing system, has added new content and interactive media to its website, www.superoptical.com.
Close Up: Besides aesthetic improvements, Super Systems’ website has introduced a brand new profit calculator. This application allows eye care professionals the opportunity to see the exact savings they will receive after adding the FastGrind lens surfacing system to their lab. By entering their specific monthly expenses and number of lenses ordered the application will automatically adjust to show them the dollar amount of savings they should expect. It also tells them how soon the profits will have made up for the investment of buying the machine. Updated literature including recent press releases and customer testimonials is also available, as well as a demonstration video that shows a tutorial of the FastGrind system and how it will generate new profits.
Super Systems is continuing to provide customers with monthly software updates which keep their machines, including older models, running smoothly and efficiently.
“Our customers utilize our website to place orders for lens inventory and small equipment. We want to make sure that we make it as easy as possible for them to navigate our site and provide a premium visual presentation for visitors wanting to learn more about our products,” said John Corsini, president of Super Systems.
Vital Stats: The updates to the website can be accessed through a “customer only” section.

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Santinelli Offers Spring Hinge Tool Kit

Spring Hinge Tool Kit
Top Line: Santinelli’s new Spring Hinge Tool Kit allows you to remove, repair and replace spring hinge temples with ease. No more fighting with hard-to-handle tools that were not designed for the job at hand.
Close Up: These optician "must have" tools simplify the challenging reassembly of "pesky" spring hinge temples. Once the spring hinge temple has been removed from the frame, the spring hinge retracts into its housing, making it nearly impossible to realign with the frame end and reinsert the screw. This patented, handy tool kit has everything you need to extend the spring hinge from its housing, simplifying the realignment and assembly.
Vital Stats: Includes hemostat-type clamping plier, easy-lock tweezers, lever tool and set of three pins, with six varying sized tips. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Click here to view a video demonstration of the kit.
www.santinelli.com; (800) 644-3343

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