M&S Technologies Awarded U.S. Patent for Glare Testing System

Glare Testing System (GTS)
Top Line: M&S Technologies announced that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded Patent No. 8,550,631 to the M&S Glare Testing System (GTS).
Close Up: The American-made GTS consists of 4 precisely calibrated, high-intensity LED lights mounted to the Smart System visual acuity testing system (also available as a stand-alone system) that replicate real-life glare conditions at the touch of a button. Co-engineered with Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS, the GTS gives consistent, repeatable results to effectively evaluate patients who complain of poor vision due to glare, especially while driving at night.
Vital Stats: The consistency of the GTS from exam room to exam room and visit to visit allows the eyecare professional to track the progression of cataracts and recommend ways in which to increase the quality of the patient’s vision.
www.mstech-eyes.com; (847) 763-0500

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Vision Source Launches Redesigned Website

Top Line: Texas-based optometric alliance Vision Source announced the launch of the new redesigned and responsive website, designed by the Internet marketing company, Avelient.  The site includes an improved doctor locator, information about various programs and managed care initiatives, access to Vision Source gear, job listings, an exclusive member marketplace and new educational content through blogs and articles.
Close Up: “This innovative redesign demonstrates our ongoing commitment to grow the patient visits to our Vision Source member’s practices as they are searched on the site by patients needing an exam. This will allow Vision Source and our members to be found faster in search engines and the site will operate more efficiently with the new enhancements and can be easily viewed on any device through its dynamic / responsive design,” said Bryan D. Pinciaro, SVP and chief marketing officer of Vision Source. “With the launch of the new website, Vision Source has a great opportunity to provide new, rich content for patients, our members, optometrists and vendors to help spread the word about the importance of eye exams.”
Vital Stats: The new website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with all browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. In addition, the new features aim to provide visitors with an exceptional user experience through its ease-of-use and informative materials. A new feature of the redesigned site includes numerous patient, member and vendor testimonials throughout the site, enabling all to share their experiences and best practices that they have enjoyed at Vision Source practices.
www.visionsource.com or call (888) 558-2020

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Gulden Intros Silicone Set-Up Eyes

Silicone Set-Up Eyes
Top Line: Gulden Ophthalmics is introducing a new product that can be used as a training and equipment setup aid for eye surgeons, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. The new Silicone Set-Up Eyes are precise replicas (size, color, and shape) of the human eye, providing a tool that mimics the appearance and feel of human eyes. They are constructed of human prosthetic silicone, which although soft and somewhat pliable to the touch (as are real human eyes), they maintain their shape and color over time. They do not degrade as other plastic eyes are prone to do as their chemical makeup changes.
Close Up: The Silicone Set-Up Eyes are designed as a training aid for eye surgeons, practitioners, and students. They can be used for other aspects of medical training and medical device set-up applications; for example, they can aid in setting up lasers, Lasik, and other equipment. They can provide surgeons and surgeons in training with the experience of and feel of human eyes during evisceration and enucleation surgeries without having to use animal or actual human eyes. Although the Set-Up Eyes will not provide IOPs (intraocular pressures), they can mimic the feel of portable tonometers being applied to the eye lens.
Vital Stats: The Set-Up Eyes can also be used to practice using a keratometer to measure corneal curvature (K readings). They can effectively be cleaned with warm water or water and mild liquid detergent if needed. The eyes are available in two iris colors: brown and blue.  
www.guldenophthalmics.com; (800) 659-2250

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Tech Optics Releases 2014 Low Vision Catalog

Top Line:
Tech Optics International, a resource for low vision and magnification products for the optical professional has released its 2014 catalog.
Close Up: New products being introduced in the catalog include waterproof loupes to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfecting, LED floor, clamp and desk lamps with magnification, high power reading glasses +4.00, +5.00, +6.00,  fully adjustable LED headband loupes 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x & 4.0x, safety glasses with full lens magnification, clip on loupes 8x, 10x, 15x &22x, custom prismatic and high plus spectacles and more.
Vital Stats: To receive a free catalog with hundreds of optical magnification devices visit www.techopticsinternational.com or call (800) 678-4277.

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