NSL Analytical Services Offers Advanced Lens Testing With Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT)

Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT)
Top Line: NSL Analytical Services, in consultation with technical experts, has created a new test intended to simulate the performance of AR-coated lenses, over time. The test, called the Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT), is actually a suite of tests that provides a compilation of factors that allows for informative analysis of AR-coating attributes. Like all bench top test simulations, this is not a replacement for actual wearer trials, as it may not encompass or directly correlate to all the factors that affect long-term performance.
Close Up: The Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT) is a series of tests that includes two ISO standard tests. ISO 8980-5 is focused on scratch resistance (the ability of a spectacle lens surface to resist damage during the daily cleaning process). ISO 8980-4 is focused on exposure (the durability of an anti-reflective coating—or the ability to resist deterioration of its reflectance characteristics, over time, in normal use). The addition of these tests helps ESWT provide quantifiable data about lens performance.
The Contact Angle Test is included as part of this test bundle (modified ASTM methodology for curved surfaces). Under tightly controlled conditions, this portion of ESWT provides data on the cleanability of lenses before and after other tests are completed.

"Whether companies coat lenses with AR Coating or purchase coated lenses the ESWT+ Testing with our Statistical Analysis Package will provide critical information on how well coatings have been applied and the lenses might perform," said Larry Somrack, president of NSL Analytical Services. "Knowing that all AR coaters are producing consistent quality assures producers that their systems are in control and customers are satisfied. No matter where the coaters are located in the country or building, the ESWT+ will assist in quality control."

Vital Stats: NSL offers ESWT as individual tests or as a test bundle package. The tests can also be customized with ESWT+ to include a statistical analysis package to provide further understanding and benchmarking of the testing results.

In addition to NSL's lens testing capabilities, NSL also offers a full range of manufacturer frame and accessory testing. NSL Analytical understands and applies appropriate regulations (CSPIA and CA Prop 65) for the industry. The staff at NSL is thoroughly knowledgeable about testing for Nickel Release, Phthalates, Lead (Pb) and other heavy metals.; (877) 560-3943

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Texas State Optical Launches New Websites for Patients and TSO Members

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Texas State Optical, established in 1936, is today a leading organization of doctor-owned and operated eyecare practices in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The group just redesigned its websites—a Network Update site for TSO members as well as a related, contemporary site for patients.
Top Line: Texas State Optical (TSO) consumer site reflects a modern image of the group and offers patients easy access to search for TSO locations in their area by zip code, doctor’s name, and now by insurance plan. It was redesigned for consistency with TSO’s brand messaging and look. A second Network Update site provides a range of new resources to TSO member optometrists and their practices
Close Up: The updated search function on the TSO consumer site presents patients basic information about each office location including the following: doctor’s name, address, phone number, and office website, and integrated Google map coordinates. “The new member site is our news and information center,” explains John Marvin, TSO’s president. “It is an electronic version of the monthly TSO Update. This site has a password protected member area where we keep proprietary and confidential information. We also keep much of that site public so our vendor partners, industry and profession can have access to what is going on at Texas State Optical.”
Vital Stats: Once logged into the dedicated, private TSO Members area of the site, members have the option to update their public profiles, add doctors, and select insurance plans accepted at their location. Other pages to view in the Members Area include an updated eStore and resourceful tools, guides, and manuals. A new Vendors page features news articles, and listings and deals with the vendors TSO works with. The Directory enables members to search for other doctors in the group’s network and provides contact information for TSO Network staff and committee members.;

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OptiSource Introduces the Lens Inspection Station

Lens Inspection Station
Top Line: OptiSource International has developed a first-of-its kind 3-in-1 lens inspection station.
Close Up: This compact machine includes a PAL identifier which brings invisible PAL markings into focus; a polariscope that identifies hidden stress in mounted lenses and injection molded lens blanks; and a final inspection lamp with a white light that allows the user to identify any abnormalities in the finished eyewear. This product is built with an ergonomic counter-height design which allows the user to comfortably view mounted or un-mounted lenses.
“When our customers requested a new PAL Identifier, we intuitively considered what other devices they currently use or need while dispensing,” said Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “Based on that analysis, we developed a multi-use machine for the same price or less than a PAL identifier only, without requiring any additional counter space.”
Vital Stats: The Lens Inspection Station features interchangeable lenses that can be rearranged by the user, and an LED light source which eliminates the need for replacement bulbs.; (800) 678-4768

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