Essilor Instruments Intros Multi-functional, Affordable Edging System

Neksia Edging System
Top Line: Essilor Instruments USA is introducing the Neksia edging system, the latest generation in its line of high performance finishing solutions for independent and retail chain optical labs.
Close Up: The new Neksia is a full-featured system designed to finish today’s profitable premium lenses and frames in-house with a high degree of precision and operator ease, boosting productivity and profits for large and small practices.
“We developed the Neksia to provide eyecare professionals with a multi-functional finishing system at an attractive price point, that makes in-house edging affordable and more profitable,” said Damien Rousseau, vice president, Americas, Essilor Instruments Division. “As the newest entry in Essilor’s line of state-of-the-art edgers, it builds on the tradition of excellence and technological leadership associated with the Essilor name.”
Robin Rhodes, vice president of sales for Essilor Instruments USA, added, “The Neksia represents a significant step forward technologically from the company’s older Gamma and Kappa models which it is replacing, It rounds out our line of high performance edging systems which also includes the Essilor Mr. Blue and Essilor Mr. Orange edgers.”
Vital Stats: The Neksia system combines a high performance edger and frame tracing system with a computer-assisted centering and blocking device that work together seamlessly to optimize workflow. The system executes a full range of finishing functions including tracing, centering, blocking, edging, grooving, safety beveling, and polishing, and handles a wide spectrum of premium lenses and frames.
Accuracy, speed and operator ease of use are the key benefits offered by the new Neksia. A user-friendly interface prompts the operator to launch jobs automatically using the icon-based functions displayed on two 8.4-inch color touch-screens that are simple to navigate. A database stores 1,000 full job positions for fast retrieval.
The Neksia incorporates Essilor’s patented technology that optimizes edging speed based on the lens material, shape and thickness to deliver fast cycle times with reliable accuracy. Its innovative Edging Assisted System (EAS) helps prevent slipping and axis deviation, to avoid the risk of breakage with popular hydrophobic, rectangular and fragile lenses.
The Neksia tracing system features automatic frame-type detection and simple clamping to handle a variety of frames rapidly and effortlessly, including children’s frames, small B-size and large A-size frames. The ease and precision of its centering and blocking functions are aided by an intelligent targeting mechanism on a wide centering area, and an intuitive on-screen interface.; (855) EZFINISH (855) 393-4647

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Super Systems Debuts New Software for Fastgrind System

Fastgrind 7.92c software
Top Line: Earlier this month, at the 2014 Mido Optical Fair in Milan, Super Systems showcased its in-office lens surfacing system, Fastgrind, which now operates on the company’s latest software design, 7.92c. This software was updated in order to enhance the user experience, improve the efficiency of the machine, and to implement the capabilities to produce new digital lens types.
Close Up: Fastgrind customers can download the newest software updates through a special section of Super Systems’ website,, as soon as they are released. The site also provides access to training videos and manuals, and customers can browse and order from Super Systems’ lens inventory and optical equipment selection.
Vital Stats: The new 7.92c Fastgrind software features:
  • The addition of an updated user interface with step by step instruction for the inexperienced. Important formatting changes make this more accessible for the user.
  • The implementation of a dual grinding rate for an exact finished lens thickness. This cuts down on the time it takes to produce two lenses in one grind.
  • New changes to the software include the ability to retrieve previous jobs by criteria such as specific date, date range, job number or customer name. You can also view a history of lenses processed by type, material, base, and add power.
With the 7.92c software update Fastgrind has also added the capability to produce Single Vision Hi Index with AR, Single Vision SunSensor Brown with AR, and ADDvantage Short Hi Index with AR.; (800) 543-7376

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Smith Optics Joins VisionWeb for Convenient, Efficient Lens Ordering

Smith Optics/VisionWeb Partnership
Top Line: Smith Optics has formed a partnership with VisionWeb, the online system providing eyecare professionals a convenient and efficient platform for ordering spectacle lenses.
Close Up: After registering for a free account at and adding Smith Optics as a supplier, ECPs can place their orders through an integrated practice management system or online at their convenience (online system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week). The platform also provides order accuracy based on a customized product catalog, access up-to-date order status information, and the ability to attach trace files to any spectacle lens order.
Vital Stats: Smith’s Rx program covers a broad range of applications including a full line of ophthalmic frames, 8-base, high-index sport styles in both plano and prescription sunwear transferrable optical inserts for winter sport goggles and PivLock interchangeable shields, and ballistic plano and prescription sunwear. New to the collection is Smith’s ChromaPop Prescription Sunglass lens technology, the world’s most scientifically advanced polarized lens, engineered to optimize color and increase visual clarity.; (800) 635-4401

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