A&R Debuts Versatile Lens Mapper for Labs

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Product: Automapper
Top Line: A&R Optical Machinery's new Automapper inspects lenses with a Dual LensMapper, which serves both quality and process control functions, and also measures center thickness via laser with no contact. The Dual LensMapper is the only instrument to take into account the effect of the lens position and tilt in the calculation of the theoretical power. This leads to a meaningful error map which is not affected by those parameters. It also enables the upload of reliable measurement values for SPC (Statistical Process Control) and control of edged lenses.
Close Up: The Automapper also features a centering device; turntable loading and unloading and gripper reset; automatic positioning (PPOS); contactless thickness measurement; conveyor belt-ticket printer. It runs on OMA/ VC-DCS standard software.
Vital Stats:
  • Diameter (via shape measurement): 44 to 80 mm
  • Max. power for positive axis : +10.00D
  • Min. power for negative axis : -10.00D
  • Cylinder : 0 to +4.00D
  • DPT : 0.04 D
  • Cyl : 0.04 D
  • Prism : 0.03cm/m + 1°
  • Contactless thickness measurement: 0.04mm
150 jobs/hour

Options include a laminar flow box and a table for rejected lenses; (866) 641-8780

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BPI's Computer Program Enables Users to 'See' Through Tinted Lenses

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Lens Color Filter Selector
Top Line: BPI is introducing a new computer program, the BPI Lens Color Filter Selector. This program enables the user to alter the color of images to see how they would appear if seen through tinted lenses.
Close Up: The user may change that color until the image is rendered as the user desires. The program will then determine which standard tint colors most closely approximate that which they selected. Images supplied are nature scenes, special purpose (skeet against various backgrounds, for example), Ishihara color blindness test images, other therapeutic related images and much more. The user may upload images of interest to them, to see what tinted lens color would be beneficial in that situation.
Vital Stats: The program will also facilitate color matching of tinted lenses to find standard colors which are similar to them.; (800) 327-2250

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New Tool Eases Task of Inserting Lenses into Rimlon Cord Eyewear

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Rimlon Lens Harpoon (#2089)
Top Line: The quality of rimlon cord eyewear is often so good that it is very difficult to free or insert a lens using a conventional hooking tool. Western Optical has developed a new tool that lets you slide between the cord and the lens with ease.
Close Up: The Rimlon Lens Harpoon is used on frames that hold the lens in place with a nylon cord that fits into a groove along the bottom edge of the lens. The cord has a very tight fit which makes it difficult to remove or insert a lens into the frame. The stainless steel point of the Rimlon Harpoon can be maneuvered between the cord and lens with greater ease. A groove on the flat tip holds the cord in place for better placement control.
Vital Stats: The Rimlon Lens Harpoon can be seen on the Western website, where you can watch a live demonstration (Western Optical Live!, page 26).; (800) 423-3294

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