OpticWash Pro Enables ECPs, Optical Retailers to Offer Unique Eyeglass Cleaning System to Patients

The OpticWash unit cleans and sanitizes eyeglasses, sunglasses and jewelry in a matter of moments. The system uses reverse osmosis water, which is filtered to the point where it has no minerals or organics, and can attack and absorb dirt on contact. Additionally, an ultraviolet light source kills up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, the company said.
Top Line: Ocala, Fla.-based OpticWash, creators of the world's only self-service kiosk dedicated to the cleaning of eyewear and jewelry, is readying production of a smaller “Pro” sized cleaning unit, geared to placement inside optical shops and ECP practices. The company recently announced a manufacturing agreement with VT Inc., a leader in the design and development of custom kiosks and automated retailing units.
The company has developed a smaller footprint “Pro” system which will be leased to doctors. The system provides a report to the doctor/retailer about who has used the system. The equipment is also effective, the company pointed out, in bringing patients back into practices and attracting new customers to the dispensary with gift cards. There is a monthly maintenance fee for the unit.
Close Up: The Opticwash system began development in 2009, and according to the company, has had great success during beta testing. The Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) participated in the beta testing with seven kiosks in three different bases throughout Florida.
Opticwash kiosks have also proved successful in five shopping malls in Florida, the Wyndham visitor center at the Emerald Grande (2013 Hotel of the Year), two marina ship stores, two Airport Fixed Based Operators and other locations.
The Opticwash system has won many awards, including three gold medals at INPEX — America's Largest Invention and New Product Expo — for best design, best cleaning product, and most entertaining system, plus it earned the Grand Prix Award for overall best new product.
Vital Stats:  OpticWash is patenting its cleaning solution. “Just as 20 years ago no one would have ever thought to buy water in a bottle, we believe that soon, most people won't even think about cleaning their eyewear with a cloth or shirt," said Bryan Myers, CEO.

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MaximEyes Software Exchanges Patient Data with Essilor Visioffice Two-Way Built-in Integration

MaximEyes Visioffice Integration
Top Line: First Insight Corporation, developer of MaximEyes cloud-based practice management and certified EHR software released a two-way integration that exchanges patient data, prescriptions, and measurements between MaximEyes 11.0 practice management software and the Essilor Visioffice system. The built-in bi-directional interface eliminates redundant data entry.
Close Up: "The MaximEyes-Visioffice integration in the Rx module is an enormous timesaver," said Jay Henry, OD, MS, a practicing optometrist in Pickerington, Ohio. "Without the two-way Visioffice integration we would have to enter so many pieces of information on both Visioffice and then back into MaximEyes. Before the integration, our staff rarely used the Visioffice instrument due to time and double entry of data. The fact that First Insight once again made it simple to integrate and effectively use a new cutting edge piece of equipment, like Visioffice, is wonderful and is a huge time saver. Our staff is excited to utilize the best technology."
Vital Stats: First Insight’s focus is to help doctors achieve a paperless practice through MaximEyes, its flagship “eye care only” Cloud Based EHR and Practice Management Software.

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Durable Diamond for Milling Cutters Can Lower Costs for Labs

Top Line: Jeanie Premium Products is introducing the JP LL48, a new proprietary diamond for 6, 8, and 12-tooth milling cutters. According to Jeanie, labs that tested the JP LL48 on standard plastic, polycarbonate and high-index plastic lenses have held the cutting edge a minimum of 25 to 30 percent longer than existing milling cutters. The JP LL48 is available on rebladed (up-cycled) cutters. 
Close Up: The LL48 is the latest development in the company’s cost-savings “green” approach to lens processing, which involves reblading and relapping labs’ existing milling cutters. The potential for additional savings up front as well as hidden costs has merit, i.e., reduce labor due to less tool changes helps the labs with their continual process improvements as well as production time and deadlines. Labs have reported 50,000 plus cuts over their previous 30,000 count.  
Vital Stats: The initial savings by ‘up-cycling’ via relapping and/or reblading existing cutters is significant. Labs can continue to improve on their process as well as bottom line by introducing their machines to a cutter with longer run time. In essence, labs can dramatically reduce their unit cost.; (952)-426-3237

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