Konan Acquires Next Generation Visual Evoked Potential 'icVEP' Technology Rights

Top Line: Konan Medical USA has acquired the rights to market Neucodia’s enhanced visual electrophysiological technology, EvokeDx for assessment of visual pathway disorders. A next generation visual evoked potential device, EvokeDx features the patented icVEP test strategy.
Close Up: Visual evoked potentials have been used to assess various problems in the vision pathway (retina to brain), but have had limited appeal to ophthalmology and optometry practices due to difficulties in interpretation and administration.
“EvokeDx sets a new standard for visual pathway diagnostics with a fantastic user experience and solid clinical performance,” said Charles Wm. Stewart, OD, Konan Medical USA CEO. “Where earlier generation products have often left clinicians uncertain of the results, EvokeDx provides graphically clear, statistically evaluated results while being actually enjoyable to use. Additionally, EvokeDx is a perfect complement to our RAPDx pupillograph, which also objectively looks at some of the same visual pathways, but from a completely different perspective.”
Vital Stats: EvokeDx, a FDA 510(k) cleared system, features a patented visual stimulus “icVEP” and novel analysis methods Tcirc2 and Fstat to elicit enhanced results with simplified interpretation. It will be available in Q2 2014 to key opinion leaders and selected clinical sites. Interested clinical sites should contact Dale Sadlik at dsadlik@konanmedical.com.

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Adaptica Releases Version 3.0 of 2Win Refractometer

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Version 3.0 software for 2Win Refractometer
Top Line: Adaptica, the Italy-based startup that produces components and systems for adaptive optics, has released software version 3.0 of its 2Win product, a handheld binocular refractometer and vision analyzer that delivers an accurate, complete and objective assessment of human visual function.
Close Up: The 2Win is a point-and-shoot instrument for eye care and wellness professionals to use instead of traditional vision measurement equipment—and the 2Win produces far more complete reports of a patient’s visual system. The tool is particularly helpful for use with infants, children, the elderly and patients who cannot cooperate because it is less invasive and requires a shorter use time than conventional equipment. In addition to checking all parameters of every visual function, the 2Win enables early detection of refractive errors.
“Version 3.0 of the 2Win software makes it even easier to measure the vision of a moving or distracted patient—and the accuracy has improved as well. We also have made it easier for the software to deal with ambient lighting in a dimly lit room,” said Gianluigi Meneghini, CEO of Adaptica. “The new version is quick to install in existing models already in use by eye care teams. Plus kids and their parents love the 2Win.”
Key benefits of the 2Win include its light weight, full automation, battery operation, printer, and PC connectivity. The report produced after the 7-second test covers automatic refraction measurement, pupil diameter and distance, and the direction of the patient’s gaze—all without the need for dilation drops. The 2Win is in use throughout the world. More usability and connectivity features are under development, the according to Adaptica.
Vital Stats: The product is available in the U.S. through M31USA, Adaptica’s San Jose-based accelerator, and worldwide through Adaptica’s international distribution network.
www.2winforvision.com; www.adaptica.com

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Alcon Launches eye2eye, a New App for U.S. Eyecare Practitioners

This new app provides tools to maximize fit success in a range of available contact lenses. The eye2eye App features a convenient contact lens finder which helps ECPs identify Alcon contact lens products for their patients and which can help them successfully fit potential multifocal and toric contact lens wearers in less time.
Top Line: The eye2eye App offers eyecare professionals the tools needed to maximize fit success in a range of available contact lenses. It features electronic fitting guidelines for both Air Optix Aqua Multifocal and Air Optix for Astigmatism contact lenses, which use spectacle and contact lens Rx to ensure a proper fit. Use eye2eye to help you decide which Alcon contact lens product is right for your patient.
Close Up: Vicki Dzurinko, OD, private practitioner from Downingtown, Penn, points out, “The eye2eye  App walks me through the entire fitting process from start to finish, which saves a great deal of chair time. Needing only the patient’s most recent spectacle refraction to get started, the staff is also able to utilize the App and pull the recommended initial diagnostic lenses to streamline the fitting process even further."
Vital Stats: The eye2eye App, which is currently available in the U.S. only, can be found on the Apple App store, Google Play, and at myalcon.com by searching “eye2eye” in the search bar. It operates on Apple, Android and desktop devices.
www.myalcon.com and search for "eye2eye"

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