Topcon Releases Imagenet 5 Digital Imaging System

Imagenet 5
Top Line: Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) of Oakland, N.J. is releasing the DICOM-compliant Imagenet 5 digital imaging system. The fully featured software for ophthalmic imaging is capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing and saving digital images obtained with a variety of Topcon photographic devices, such as mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal cameras and photo slit lamps.
Close Up: Imagenet 5 features a robust SQL expanded database and has numerous image management functions that facilitate image acquisition, enhancement, measurement and comparison. The digital acquisition procedures of Imagenet 5 cover color fundus imaging, red-free photography, fluorescein angiography, fundus auto fluorescence, indocyanine green angiography and photo slit lamp imaging.
In an era in where software connectivity is taking a key role in medical communications, full DICOM compatibility gives Imagenet 5 the flexibility to be used in a large diversity of environments, from private offices to large medical institutions using a variety of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems.
The Modality Work list utilization gives Imagenet 5 the capability of querying and displaying the work list provided by the EMR/EHR for the operator to select the scheduled patients for each procedure.
With the Imagenet 5 PACS Storage function, images can be sent and stored in a PACS server right after capture. At the same time, simultaneous storage to a local drive can also be selected.
Imagenet 5, with its advanced workflow function, can send MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) to PACS servers to update status and avoid duplication and, with its storage commitment utility, it can request verification that images are successfully saved in the PACS server.
Vital Stats: Imagenet 5 easily integrates with Topcon’s Synergy Ophthalmic Data Management System for complete connectivity. Imagenet 5 allows for review and image manipulation and can export images in various standard image formats as well as DICOM format. It has printing capabilities and runs on Windows 7 operating system.; (800) 223-1130

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MediGain Partners With Nextech to Provide Enhanced Billing and Reimbursement Services for Specialty Practices

MediGain’s reimbursement and billing support, now incorporating Nextech’s practice management system.
Top Line: MediGain, a medical billing and reimbursements company, and Nextech, a provider of specialty-focused healthcare technology solutions for physician practices, have entered a strategic partnership aimed at helping specialty practices increase their efficiency and profitability through enhanced billing and revenue cycle services.
Close Up: Through this partnership, Nextech will be the exclusive electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) solution for MediGain’s clients in the specialties of dermatology, ophthalmology, optometry and plastic surgery. MediGain’s cloud-based services, which include medical insurance billing, reimbursement and denials management, will leverage Nextech’s EMR and PM system to provide comprehensive revenue cycle services to its clients.
Vital Stats: Leveraging both MediGain’s reimbursement and billing support and Nextech’s practice management system, clients are achieving an average clean claims rate of 99 percent, the companies reported. In addition, the large amount of data collected by Nextech’s solution allows MediGain to provide comprehensive analytics to practices through the use of its proprietary business intelligence technology. These reports help practices ensure they remain compliant and receive appropriate payment for services rendered.;

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Santinelli Intros Deblocking Pliers for Nidek Pliable Blocks

Santinelli Deblocking Pliers
Top Line: Santinelli International's all-new deblocking pliers, designed specifically for Nidek pliable blocks.
Close Up: As part of the company’s high-quality “Visionary” line of tools, these new pliers feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger “channels” on the handle for comfort and ease of use. The tool’s spring-loaded plier action provides fast and accurate removal of pliable blocks. Additionally, the pliers are crafted with an optimal jaw angle, eliminating the potential for lens surface and/or frame finish damage. The unique design of the jaws, which envelop the block, minimizes wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the block.
Vital Stats: Made of high-grade stainless steel; Ergonomic silicone handles, color coded for quick identification; Italian design.; (800) 644-3343

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