Shamir Releases SPARK, a Digital Measurement Device

Product: Shamir SPARK
Top Line: Shamir Insight is releasing a digital measurement device, Shamir SPARK (Single-shot Panorameter Augmented Reality Kit). The 3D measuring tool utilizes an iPad camera and calculates all frame measurements based on one picture.
Close Up: SPARK replaces Shamir’s Panorameter Kit, which was a manual measurement tool that allowed ECPs to take patient’s As-Worn measurements: Panoramic Angle, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Vertex Distance. The digital SPARK device takes all these measurements as well as the fitting height, mono PD, HBOX, VBOX and DBL with just one picture. These As-Worn measurements are necessary to customize several of Shamir’s Freeform products to offer patients a more precise fit.
“This new digital measurement device, Spark, is perfect in that it is user friendly, calculates all the measurements, and is the only digital measurement device on the market that needs just a single photo to be taken,” said Mark Becker, vice president of strategic partnerships and marketing. “SPARK should help our ECPs to get accurate measurements the first time, which will help their patients to get a more precise lens. The As-Worn measurements help to make Shamir’s designs personalized to each patient and this device encourages the ECPs to get these measurements from every patient, every time. The device has been optimized, making it easy to use, which is ideal for practices looking to streamline their procedures while continuing to give their patients the most personalized lenses possible.”
The following is a short list of Shamir products that require As-Worn measurements: Shamir’s Autograph III, Attitude III - Sport, Attitude III - Fashion, Attitude III - Single Vision, and Golf, as well as others. Including a patient’s As-Worn measurements with the order ensures that each patient receives a premium solution tailored to the specific frame they have chosen and to the way in which they wear their frame. SPARK is user-friendly and Shamir has created a short instructional video to walk users through the simple process. The instructional video is available on Shamir’s website, www.shamirlens.com, under Professionals >Shamir SPARK. The video covers how to assemble the hardware, how to calibrate the device, and how to take the patients measurements, including selecting the 11 key measurement points to receive the frame and As-Worn calculations. The video also covers how to easily save all of the patient results on the device.
Vital Stats: SPARK is compatible with Apple’s iPad and requires that users download Shamir’s App onto their iPad; via the App Store, users may choose a Spark device for the iPad Air or the iPad 3/iPad 4 Retina display. The SPARK can be purchased for $1499, which includes the App as well as the hardware, by calling Shamir’s Customer Service team at (877) 514-8330 or it can be purchased from Shamir’s RCPV Rewards site, www.rcpvrewards.com, for customers who are enrolled in Shamir’s rewards program.

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Jobson Interactive Introduces EyeRep 3.0

Product: EyeRep Version 3.0
Top Line: Jobson Interactive, a leading healthcare digital consulting group, is releasing a new and improved mobile sales rep application, EyeRep 3.0. Launched in 2012, EyeRep is an intelligent mobile sales rep tool built for the iPad platform. EyeRep allows sales reps to automate and add critic business intelligence to their account maintenance and road ordering sales tasks.
Close Up: The app allows sales reps to quickly and efficiently manage their territory, view their product information, product images, key account performance metrics, and order history details. The app also allows sales reps to manage their account’s inventory and efficiently place new orders directly from their iPad. In EyeRep 3.0, the interface has been redesigned with a sleek, simplified layout which will allow reps to complete their mission critical activities in less time and with greater efficiency and ease.
“We have been updating EyeRep based on user feedback since its original release,” said Paul Whelan, creative director at JI and interface designer of EyeRep 3.0. “This was a great opportunity to repackage our functionality and all of the great suggestions from the field into a more dynamic and intuitive design for our partners.”
Joe Savarese, president of Jobson Interactive, noted, “EyeRep 3.0 adds new CRM features so reps can log and track their account activity. These new features literally eliminate the need for both a remote ordering app and a traditional CRM system.
“If you want to improve the quality and quantity of your sales, while simplifying your reps’ workflow, then leverage the power of EyeRep 3.0.” Savarese added.
Other new features in EyeRep 3.0 include:
  • The ability to take order summaries and break them out by collection
  • Apply shopping carts to multiple accounts
  • Create custom ordering templates of groups of products
  • Apply templates of a group of collections/styles to multiple accounts
  • Show thumbnail image previews of styles in shopping carts
  • Show image previews in both order history and on product utilization reports
  • Add styles to shopping cart from a product utilization report
  • Save favorite styles/collections by account
Vital Stats: EyeRep 3.0 is the latest sales workflow mobile app from Jobson Interactive. It is available now with an online demo by contacting hnoell@jobson.com. www.jobsoninteractive.com; (203) 557-0839

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LensPen Intros Peeps, an All-in-One Eyeglass Cleaner

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Product: Peep
Top Line: Peeps is the new, all-in-one cleaner for eyeglasses and sunglasses, created by LensPen.
Close Up: Peeps features the same carbon-cleaning technology LensPen products have used to clean fine optics for more than two decades. “People that wear high-quality glasses or sunglasses are not satisfied using microfiber rags, tissues, sprays and shirt sleeves to clean their lenses,” said Peter Meurrens, vice president of operations for the LensPen Group, and developer of Peeps. “They want something better: a cleaning device that cleans perfectly, is convenient and has some style. Since a camera lens and an eyeglass lens are virtually identical in structure it was logical for us to develop a new product for the optics market which has not seen a cleaning innovation in over 50 years. And that product is Peeps.” Cleaning eyeglasses with Peeps is a simple two-step process. First, clean the lens with the retractable goat-hair brush to remove any loose dust or potentially abrasive particles on the lens surface. No other cleaning system offers this pre-cleaning step, which is essential to protect the lens and the AR (anti-reflective) coatings. Second, slide the arms out from the holder and clean the lens with smooth circular motions of the cleaning tips. If some smudges remain, breathe gently on the surface and repeat.
Vital Stats: Each time the arms slide back into the holder, the carbon on the cleaning tips is replenished and Peeps is ready for its next cleaning. The Peeps cleaning tips can be recharged up to 500 times. Click here to watch a video showing Peeps at work. www.lenspen.com; (877) 608-0868

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