Phantom Research Releases Full-Featured Tinter

Product: Model 95 Tinter
Top Line: The Model 95 from Phantom Research is a state-of-the-art, microcomputer controlled, automatic lens tinting machine with dual digital time displays to show the tinting cycle set time and the remaining cycle time. It was developed for both solid and gradient tinting with no lines, according to Phantom Research.
Close Up: A free-standing machine, the Model 95 takes only seconds to set up. It is easy to use, and features virtually silent operation. Versatile arm can rotate 360 degrees, and can accommodate up to four pairs of lenses at one time. Machine features continuous agitation of the dye solution, offers a 30-second to 60-minute timer with dual digital time displays, and an electronic beeper to indicate cycle completion.
Vital Stats: Package includes the Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, one lens holder (Model V1-RS), and a UL listed power adapter.; Online PDF catalog; shop online at; (800) 225-5559

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TreVia's HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Platform Will Power the D-EYE ImageVault

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Product: TreVia platform will host and manage the D-Eye ImageVault
Top Line: TreVia Digital Health, which develops technology solutions for the diabetes care industry, and D-Eye Srl, a developer of devices for mass health screenings and data collection, have formed a strategic partnership in which D-Eye will use TreVia's cloud-based data management platform and technology to power the D-Eye ImageVault.
Close Up: The secure TreVia platform, originally created to treat and manage diabetes using telemedicine and other care management software technology, will now host and manage the D-Eye ImageVault for storing, analyzing and sharing images captured by the D-Eye portable retinal imaging system. This collaboration will leverage TreVia's HIPAA-compliant cloud service to enable account set-up, workflow management, sharing and archiving D-Eye videos, still images and corresponding data for instant access by ophthalmologists, optometrists, general practitioners and other medical specialists, facilitating wide-spread eye screening from anywhere.
The first truly portable ophthalmoscope capable of recording and transmitting images of the eye, the D-Eye attaches to a smartphone (currently Apple or Samsung), creating a retinal camera which can capture high-definition video and still images of the interior of the eye for health screening and evaluation. The lightweight and easy-to-use D-Eye device is ideal for screening and possible detection of a variety of eye disorders including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many other eye conditions and abnormalities.
Vital Stats: D-Eye-generated images and videos will be stored in the TreVia-powered D-Eye ImageVault and accessible to providers where and when needed for analysis, comparison and diagnosis, allowing the entire care team to effectively engage in the patient's health treatment plan. The telemedicine services that the partnership enables will prove particularly beneficial in rural locales, developing countries and other underserved areas, bringing critical eye screening services and access to retinal specialists to people in need in the most remote locations across the globe.
The D-Eye ImageVault cloud service platform will be available to D-Eye users later this year.; (913) 956-5000;

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NovaBay’s Gets FDA Clearance for High-Tech Contact Lens Case

Product: intelliCase
Top Line: Earlier this month, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its intelliCase with hydrogen peroxide solutions.
Close Up: Although hydrogen peroxide solutions are considered by many eyecare practitioners to be a desirable disinfection solution, it is only used by about 10 percent of the more than 24 million Americans who disinfect their contact lenses with a disinfection system because it can be tricky to use, NovaBay said. The intelliCase monitors the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide during the disinfection cycle with microprocessor electronics embedded in the cap of what otherwise looks like a standard peroxide lens case.
Vital Stats: The cap has three LED lights labeled Unsafe, Busy and Ready. Lenses are placed into the case with hydrogen peroxide solution. The green Ready light blinks when lenses are safe to insert into the eyes and continues to blink green until contact lenses are removed from the case.“The intelliCase is a highly innovative, extremely easy-to-use device for the millions of Americans who wear contact lenses and want to use the best disinfection system,” said Ron Najafi, Ph.D., NovaBay’s president and CEO. “We believe that intelliCase can revolutionize contact lens care by making the peroxide disinfection system as simple as using multipurpose solutions.”; (510) 899-8800

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