Marco Releases Ion, an All-In-One Anterior Segment Imaging System

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Product: Ion imaging system
Top Line: Marco’s new ion slit lamp imaging combining a new intra-optics beam-splitter/camera adapter with the computing and imaging power of the latest Apple technology. Together they create a sophisticated “mainstream” imaging system that emphasizes image quality, simplicity, and efficiency.
Close Up: Ion combines the bulky components of the traditional photo slit lamp (digital camera, adapter, computer, monitor, multiple cables, keyboard, mouse, etc.) into a sleek, all-in-one device. It is designed to let the doctor respect and remain consistent with the fundamental slit lamp examination process, without compromise or disruption.
Ion includes an app dedicated to anterior segment imaging that consists of patient demographics, pre-set photography modes maximizing the various lighting techniques for video or still images, auto storage to the Cloud, local network for EMR or PACS integration. “From the very beginning, Marco set out to redefine slit lamp imaging. The idea was to fuse the latest technology with a wealth of imaging experience. The result is a highly intuitive device that delivers on image quality and streamlined workflow,” said David Gurvis, Marco president. “We believe the Ion is a game changer.”
Vital Stats:

  • Images instantly available to the EHR or PACS
  • Image in every exam room
  • Wirelessly display images on exam room monitors
  • Share images rapidly
  • Archive, view, and share images immediately in the Cloud
  • Bluetooth foot control or joystick capture
www.marco.com; (800-874-5274

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Rochester Optical Offers Rx Insert for Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition

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Product: Sony SmartEyeglass Rx Insert
Top Line: Rochester Optical has partnered with Sony as a prescription frame provider, announcing the official launch of their new Rx insert for the SmartEyeglass. The minimalist and lightweight frame insert design complements the sleek Sony SmartEyeglass device, and offers an optical solution for the two-thirds of people who require vision correction.
“We make prescription solutions for the most viable smart glasses on the market; so when the Sony SmartEyeglass came onto the scene in March, we took on the challenge,” said Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical. “The insert we designed provides a value-added feature to the SmartEyeglass and removes a critical barrier to adoption—the inability to see the display clearly and comfortably.”
Close Up: The Sony SmartEyeglass cannot fit over existing eyeglasses, which makes it impossible for anyone with a vision correction to see the impressive display. Rochester Optical’s prescription insert solves this problem, allowing wearers to experience the SmartEyeglass fully, without visual impairment and strain.
“The easy-mount clip is designed with multi-user capability in mind, since we also understand companies implementing smart glasses in the workplace or developing on the SmartEyeglass may not provide all users with their own personal device” Ho added. “The insert pops easily in and out, making it possible for one device to be shared by multiple users who have their own individual prescription inserts.” The prescription lenses Rochester Optical developed for the Sony SmartEyeglass are also highly specialized, and offer more than standard prescription lenses. Smart GOLD Lenses (also available for Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix M100, Recon Jet, and Google Glass) minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. By creating an additional, optimized optical center where the HUD is viewed and compensating to balance binocular vision, Smart GOLD eliminates prismatic effect and off axis aberrations, providing continuous, comfortable visual acuity.
Vital Stats: The Rx insert for the Sony SmartEyeglass is now available for preorder.
www.rochesteroptical.com; (844-659-4722)

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Eyefinity and GPN Launch Business Insights Dashboard

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Product: OfficeMate Business Insights Dashboard
Top Line: Eyefinity and Gateway Professional Network announced that Eyefinity’s most popular practice management solution, OfficeMate, will include a business insights dashboard.
Close Up: Powered by The Edge, this feature is an exclusive Eyefinity desktop analytics dashboard embedded within the practice management software that provides a quick overview of specific areas of the business. With this addition, Eyefinity now offers a full suite of practice management solutions that help practices increase efficiency and revenue.
“Our goal in creating the business insights dashboard was to further invest in our OfficeMate platform,” said Steve Baker, president of Eyefinity. “Using key performance indicators (KPIs), busy practices can track important data like revenue and sales. Access to this data allows practices to make real time decisions that will help them stay productive and profitable while offering the highest quality of care for patients.”
Performance indicators available through the dashboard are presented in month-to-month and year-to-date formats. Using charts and graphs, these practice-specific data points are visually appealing and easily understood. The following seven metrics are tracked by the dashboard:
  • Clinic and optical revenue
  • Revenue per exam
  • Capture rate
  • Number of exams
  • Number of optical units (lenses, frames, complete pairs)
  • Average frame sale by optician and
  • Account receivable data
Vital Stats: OfficeMate clients who are interested in taking a deeper dive into the analytics can easily upgrade to The Edge. Current Edge users will enjoy the ability to access The Edge directly from OfficeMate.
www.officemate.net; (800) 269-3666;

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