Topcon Intros IS-5500 Instrument Stand to U.S. and Export Markets

Product: IS-5500 Instrument Stand
Top Line: The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand includes innovative functions along with traditional Topcon quality and durability. Among the innovations, the IS-5500 features a white LED overhead lamp, and a smaller and more compact design that brings the control panel and the charging wells down toward the user, facilitating their reach. An illuminated liquid-proof membrane control panel makes it easy to operate in darkened environments and provides full control of the stand, chair and room light functions.
Close Up: The stand features an innovative EZ-Lock Brake Release mechanism that make it easy to move and store between exams. The IS-5500 Instrument Stand can be used with any of the models of the Topcon Signature Series ophthalmic chairs. The convenient auto-voltage control board automatically adjusts power based on local electrical power standards.
Vital Stats: The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand will replace the present IS-2000 and IS-2500 stands which will be discontinued after its release.
www.topconmedical.com; (800) 223-1130

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Adaptica Launches New Website

Product: www.adaptica.com
Top Line: Adaptica has launched a new website, www.adaptica.com. The new site is part of a restyling of the company’s image and the presentation of its products. The site’s debut coincides with the launch of Adaptica’s latest product, VisionFit, which is a unique wearable adaptive refractor.
Close Up: Adaptica said the new website has been created and developed to be easy for customers to surf through, find information and upgrade product software. The site will also inform customers in real time about all the news concerning the company, its new projects and events, and will enable them to keep in touch with all social media in real time.
www.adaptica.com; contact@adaptica.com; +39 049 773 968

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Satisloh Offers New Digital Generating Coolant, LH-405 Plus

Product: LH-405 Plus
Top Line: Digital generating requires extreme accuracy; even the smallest defect is magnified in this high tech process. Satisloh takes this accuracy to the next level with its new coolant, LH-405 Plus.
Close Up: Formulated specifically for use with high speed digital generators, the 405-Plus chemistry features a unique lubricity package (patent pending) that minimizes surface friction on lens materials for cleaner and more consistent milling and turning.
“In addition to the superior quality surfaces this formula produces, it adds life to the diamond tooling—saving users both time and money. Diamond tools represent one of the biggest spends for a lab. Taking shortcuts can cause tools to fail prematurely or not reach expected lifecycle,” said Steven Schneider, vice president, aftermarket products/sales, Satisloh.
Vital Stats: Because LH-405 Plus Coolant is bacteria-resistant, it keeps users’ equipment growth-free and operating at the proper coolant flow rate. “LH-405’s chemistry has several advanced technologies that allow labs to maintain quality production at a much higher level than before. A key area of the new chemistry focuses on keeping coolant systems free and clear of biological problems that can reduce productivity and cause ongoing issues if not addressed,” said Schneider.
www.satisloh.com; (800) 866-5640

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