NEW YORK—B. Robinson and Cynthia Rowley have launched a standalone e-commerce platform Rowley Eyewear, featuring Rowley Eyewear for women and Mr. Powers eyewear for men to retail both optical and sunglass collections direct to consumers.

Both the Rowley Eyewear and Mr. Powers collections embody the principles of the Cynthia Rowley brand - impeccable design and attractive details – while integrating form and function, according to the two companies. With price points like $99 for non-prescription sunglasses and $129 for single vision prescription optical and over 30 styles to choose from, Rowley Eyewear and Mr. Powers will allow customers the freedom to switch out their eyewear as they would any other accessory, the companies said.

"Fashion is always changing so there's no reason why your eyewear should stay the same. When in doubt - swap them out,” explained Rowley. “The collections are designed to be bold but wearable for men and women, and what could be easier than ordering online?"

Launched in the early 80's, Cynthia Rowley’s namesake collection has grown to include womenswear, menswear, handbags, shoes, legwear, shapewear, home goods and wetsuits, along with collaborations with companies like Johnson & Johnson and Procter and Gamble. She has had a 20 year relationship with B. Robinson after partnering with them in 1994 on a licensed collection of eyewear that was distributed in the optical market.

“We wanted to explore new ways to talk to the consumer and give the consumer a new experience,” said Cliff Robinson, co-president of B. Robinson told Vision Monday. “So we created a totally separate company and a new eyewear brand for that company. Rowley Eyewear has a very different aesthetic and vibe from any previous ‘Cynthia Rowley’ collection and is the first new eyewear from Cynthia Rowley in over 18 months. Cynthia has a distinct and unique point of view which we were better able to capture in this new way. We wanted to create a fashion optical product with a great value proposition and we’re very excited with what we achieved.”

The newly created company from B. Robinson, called Infinitie Online, will handle manufacturing and carry a full inventory for fulfillment. Additionally, they have partnered with a U.S.-based lab, experienced in working with both brick and mortar and online businesses, to handle prescriptions, including progressives, high index lenses, transitions and polarization options.

The sites’ additional features include Try Them On, which allows consumers to try on up to four frames in the comfort of their home for a week, and Rowley Care, Cynthia Rowley’s own version of fashion insurance. For a flat yearly fee, or a recurring monthly charge, Rowley Care gives the shopper the ability to buy additional styles, or replace broken or lost frames, at 50 percent off each new style.

In addition to the sites, Cynthia Rowley has six free-standing Cynthia Rowley boutiques, which will also serve as physical showrooms for the eyewear collections, merchandised along with Cynthia Rowley’s other product categories, for customers to try-on eyewear in store.

“And there are always new ideas,” added Robinson. “We’re even open to partnering with optical retailers in the industry for pop-up shops or shop-in-shop arrangements.”

The full Rowley Eyewear and Mr. Powers collections can be viewed at and, respectively.—Deirdre Carroll