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Given the number of Fergie pictures that have crossed the Bold Face desk in the last several weeks, ‘I got a feeling’ “The Duchess” here has a serious thing for stylish sunwear (he, he, see what we did there?) Let’s recap shall we?

Female lead of super group the Black Eyed Peas, married to the incredibly handsome Josh Duhamel and possessing some of the most incredible abs in the business, Fergie is a busy, busy lady who can always be counted on to wear the latest and greatest in fabulous sun styles. While out and about in Los Angeles the Fergalicious star was snapped in the brand new Swarovski Amazing sunglass by Marcolin

In the previous pic Fergie paired those Swarovski frames with an oversized Cartier tote, in this pic she does away with the Cartier bag and goes straight for a pair of Cartier sunglasses. Heading into LAX in Los Angeles, Mrs. Duhamel can be seen wearing the new Cartier Santos Collection Dumot sunglasses with leather details before hopping on a plane…

Wonder if that plane was headed to New York City? Here we pick up the globe trotting singer and actress again while in the Big Apple in yet another pair of spectacular frames. This time Fergie opted for a little black dress, an enviable amount of toned leg and some serious Michael Kors MKS144R sunglasses from Marchon

Sad truth of the matter is that you don’t get legs like that without putting in the work. When “The Duchess” is not jet-setting around the world or showing off her sartorial flair, she is working hard on her fitness. Call it ego, call it good sense, but whatever you call it, know that even when working up a sweat Fergie chooses some stylish sunnies! Here she has strapped on her sneakers and the apropos named Jee Vice Egoist sunglasses for an afternoon run.