Google Releases Tech Specs for Glass

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google disclosed on Monday the technical details of Glass, its soon to be released wearable computer.

According to the company’s website the high tech specs will feature a high resolution display that is the equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen viewed from eight feet away. A built-in camera will be capable of capturing 5-megapixel images and video at a resolution of 720 pixels and will feature 12 GB of usable memory, synched with Google cloud storage for 16 GB of storage. Audio will be delivered via a bone conduction transducer, Google said.

Glass will also feature Wifi connectivity, and can communicate with any Bluetooth-capable phone. A companion app, MyGlass, requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. MyGlass enables GPS and SMS messaging.

Glass will be powered by a battery that will carry a charge for one full day of typical use, although Google noted that some features, like Hangouts and video recording, are more battery intensive. A Micro USB cable and charger are included.

Glass will also have adjustable nosepads and a durable frame that fits any face, according to Google. Extra nosepads in two sizes will be included with each pair of Glass.

Yesterday at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York City, Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt said that Google Explorers, the 2,000 or so people that have pre-ordered the Glass prototype, “will get Google Glass in the next few days.” Explorers will have to pay $1,500 for the wearable device.