For years I have been totally committed to recycling anything and everything I can and sincerely work at spreading the word about the importance of recycling to my family and friends.

A Bard Optical team member removes the cardboard from frame packaging so it is properly recycled.
Then the energy saver light bulb went off, and I asked myself why at home and not at my company, in the lab, everywhere? So for approximately two years now, the Team at Bard Optical has been recycling as much as we can, including all forms of paper, metal, cardboard and glass.

Diana J. Hall has been president of Peoria, Ill.-based Bard Optical since she purchased the single office location in 1981. The
company has since expanded to now include 18 locations in Central and Southern Illinois.

Now I move to my question or perhaps challenge for the vision care industry: we currently recycle the paperboard boxes in which our semi-finished lenses are packaged, the paper envelopes in which finished lenses are packaged, and the backer cards for all our frames. However, we fill garbage cans with the plastic holders that cradle the semi-finished lens blanks. Why are these holders not made of a plastic that is clearly marked to confirm that it can be recycled?

Isn’t it time our lens manufacturers step forward and help promote recycling by making the holders with a plastic material we can recycle? When we called to confirm the material, not one manufacturer knew what the material was; therefore since it was not stamped, we have been forced to continue to fill dumpsters instead of filling recycle bins.

Please join me and jump on the recycle bandwagon and help us protect the environment by using an easily recyclable plastic and marking it accordingly. Help spread the word and make it your personal responsibility to do your share to show you care.