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BALTIMORE—Managed vision care company Versant Health expects to launch the first of its on-site workplace optical clinics with partner Befitting in 2021, the company told VMAIL late last week. Earlier, Versant Health had announced the collaboration with Befitting, an eyewear provider, to bring vision care to workplaces through these new on-site optical clinics, as VMAIL reported. “Versant Health plans to debut the first on-site optical clinic in 2021 and host 20 to 40 clinics within the first 12 to 18 months of launch,” a spokeswoman told VMAIL. "We believe on-site clinics will be especially valuable to our clients that employ essential workers or those whose jobs are difficult to do from home. On-site clinics ensure our clients covered membership has convenient access to vital eyecare during the COVID-19 pandemic," the spokeswoman added.

The new business relationship with Befitting will provide Versant Health clients with convenient access to comprehensive in-network eyecare and an advanced eyewear shopping experience through fully equipped pop-up centers in their workplaces, according to last week’s announcement. All on-site optical clinics follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-directed COVID-19 protocols and are located just steps away from employee workstations for both safety and convenience.

The on-site optical clinics bring all equipment necessary for comprehensive eye exams and eyewear shopping to the Versant Health’s client workplace for a few weeks at a time.

“A critical factor in employee health is simple, quick access to care," Versant Health chief executive officer Kirk Rothrock said in the announcement. "Eye exams are the easiest and most cost-effective way to detect upwards of 30 chronic health conditions. On-site clinics ensure our clients covered membership has convenient access to vital eyecare."

In addition to convenience, the on-site optical clinics deliver a smart, technology-enabled experience, and they are fully integrated into Versant Health's Davis Vision and Superior Vision insurance plans. Befitting is in-network with Versant Health, HIPAA compliant and run by a team with decades of optical experience.

Versant Health, one of the nation's leading managed vision care companies, serves almost 34 million members through its Davis Vision and Superior Vision plans, the company said.