SANTA MONICA, Calif.—Anagram ( enables providers to help their patients pay for health care and leverage their insurance benefits in new ways, designed to reduce the “friction” of the average health care transaction. The company offers software platforms for health care practitioners, including an application that provides real-time price transparency and streamlined insurance benefit processing.

When the company rebranded in early 2020, it raised another $9.1 million in Series A financing. Its services enable ECPs to serve more patients and increase their cash payments. It gives providers Open Access—the ability to accept all insurance plans regardless of network status. Providers can pull real-time health insurance benefits from a variety of networks so they never have to call or ask patients what insurance they have. Anagram also lets providers set their own prices and discounts to support cash payments.

Anagram focuses its attention on such specialists as optometrists, ophthalmologists, dentists and dermatologists—independent practices in ancillary health care markets.