Arian Fartash, OD, Paves the Way for ECP Influencers


Arian Fartash, OD, known on Instagram to over 46,000 followers as @glamoptometrist, knows both sides of the influencer and consumer spectrum. While influencers and influencer marketing isn’t that new, Fartash sees the job of influencers within the optical industry as a “fairly new role.”

“In 2016, I was one of the only ECPs who had started to explore the idea by posting on my Instagram and blog for different optical brands. Fast forward a few years later and the number of influencers in eyecare has grown tremendously. The reason for this is because brands have seen value in having trusted professionals in eyecare post about their products,” Fartash said.

The reach that Instagram has when it comes to a product launch is immense, due to the possibility of a single post being able to reach millions. She explains that through this marketing method, people don’t have to wait for their annual eye exams to see what new products are available to them.

Fartash plays a split role in this influencer landscape as a consumer, influencer herself and a growing brand. She added, “When an influencer posts about my line GlamBaby, I get many new sales in just one hour. It goes to show that brand recognition is higher when posted by influencers as well as the connectivity people have to the brands they use.”

Along with this, influencers have the opportunity to engage with consumers on a more personal level since their followers have developed a trust and a connection to them.

“Speaking from experience, I have bought many clothes, products, and visited places based on what I have seen an influencer post.” She continued, “It’s as if you are seeing your friend wearing their pretty new glasses or suggesting you visit a new store, instead of seeing an actor that you have not been following in their everyday life.”