ClearVision’s Spectaculars is handcrafted in New Jersey, just one state away from the company’s Long Island, New York headquarters. The goal with Spectaculars is to combine “time-honored manufacturing techniques with modern production processes and hand-finished details,” resulting in eyewear that is “truly new American vintage,” David Friedfeld, president of ClearVision Optical told VM.

The collection showcases iconic and classic American frame styles from the ‘30s through to the ‘70s—and the Spectaculars team produces these frames in the same vintage colorways and finishing details, too.

“Spectaculars USA is supporting optical independence and building a nationwide network of leading vision care providers offering American-made eyewear,” said Friedfeld. “The core aesthetic of the Spectaculars collection has its roots in genuine American eyewear dating back to the ‘30s. The most iconic and classic American styles are reproduced using the same colors and finishing details as were used in the past…Spectaculars continues to stay true to time-tested production techniques, honoring the original method of American manufacturing and hand-finishing.”