Darryl Glover, OD, Believes in the Power of Authentic Dialogue


Darryl Glover, OD, and co-founder of DeFocus Media, believes that the utilization of influencers as a part of a larger marketing strategy is the “smart and current thing to do.” Glover notes that influencers have the ability to create authentic dialogue that an audience can relate to.

He added, “I am more prone to using a product or service that someone I can relate to uses. I think influencer marketing is here to stay and will only get bigger.”

Within optical, Glover believes that influencer marketing plays a big role and helps to support the entire picture of why and what the doctor has prescribed. He noted that while a doctor might prescribe a photochomic lens to a patient with an active lifestyle, an influencer has the ability to show how that lens technology has impacted them.

“Most influencers are viewed as friends who have all the answers. The influencer has already gained the trust of the consumer which indirectly can persuade a consumer into buying something. Also, the ability to watch an influencer discuss the pros and cons of a product really gives the influencer the power to convince consumers,” Glover said.

When it comes to the shift in the ways brands have positioned themselves throughout the rise of the social media influencer, Glover notes that “brands are really starting to be more personable, authentic and lifestyle specific.”

He continued, “Brands now understand the importance of relatability. Influencers make their followers feel that anything is within reach and brands are now tapping into that same concept.”