OD Excellence: Driving Patients to Practices

OD Excellence


In 2018, OD Excellence is placing a lot of emphasis on driving patients to practices through its Health Care Reform platform, and the group is “looking forward to new programs on financial, billing and coding, and compliance,” according to OD Excellence co-founder Dr. Jerry Sude.

This year, OD Excellence also is working to help practices identify and become the vision component within ACOs, Medical Homes and Coordinated Care Teams within their communities, Sude noted. Driving patients to practices through components of health care reform programs has been “very successful for many of our members,” he said.

The group’s goal is to provide guidance, and an approach many of its members have found to help them be successful, by giving them an overview of how they can utilize the resources through the OD Excellence program. “And which they can utilize in the way they feel is best depending on their goals, resources and the community or communities in which they practice,” Sude noted.

Sude also believes the role of an alliance is critical to independent ODs in today’s eyecare marketplace. “With the complexity of seeing patients, running operations, competing with online retailers and strategic planning, it is very difficult to be successful without an alliance,” he said.

OD Excellence, which currently is comprised of 835 members, offers outstanding staff training portals and an Office Manager Certification Course (OMCC) program, the first of its kind to feature education, testing, certification and continued enhancement and support as elements of an overall course. The OMCC program delivers critical information and training to ensure that a member’s practice excels through the efforts of the entire staff, Sude said.

“In 2017, we also launched the advanced course, which takes three key management skills to further enhance the participants’ effectiveness, and we introduced new concepts and tools to constantly improve customer care, sales and profits,” he added. “In 2018, we will launch a recertification programs for those that were previously certified and need continuing and updated education.”

OD Excellence also offer OMCC as both an interactive and remote course so those who do not have time to attend regularly scheduled sessions, can study at their own pace. Membership also includes one-on-one confidential consulting as a way to review and get advice on operational issues.