Innovega’s eMacula display eyewear prototype.
BELLEVUE, Wash.—Innovega has filed a new patent application for Teaching machine learning software to regulate the settings of extended reality (XR) eyewear driven by performance measurements of the user while wearing the smart glasses. The application also claims telecommunicating these performance data to health care professionals. “The Innovega team is doubling down on its belief in the value of Personalized Extended Reality with our patent application for using psycho-physiological measures captured by the eyewear to change the settings of the eyewear,” said Innovega co-founder and lead inventor, Jerome Legerton, OD, MS, MBA, FAAO.
“XR eyewear have great potential for monitoring health conditions including vision and visual performance, hearing, cognitive function, and psychological status. This patent application provides machine learning algorithms for regulating the settings of the XR eyewear for the vision and hearing output, and for visual, cognitive and psychological therapy by use of measured performance by the user.”

The patent application also includes telemedicine systems for communication of changes in vision, hearing, cognition and psychological measures to respective health care professionals. The real-time updates may be particularly useful to monitor patients suffering from progressive conditions like diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, hearing loss and cognitive decline as well as managing some psychological conditions.

Innovega CEO and co-founder Steve Willey added, “The Intelligent Extended Reality Eyewear patent application is expected to provide Innovega with broad licensing opportunities to complement our smart contact lens technology and our XR hardware, gaze tracking, display technology and methods of fitting XR eyewear. We are now strengthening our position in smart glasses software with five patent cases directed toward software.”

Innovega’s 51 patent cases consist of 35 U.S. cases, including 14 issued patents; and 16 international cases, including nine issued patents protecting its iOptik smart contact lenses and eMacula display system.

The company has raised over $4 million in investments in its current funding round, which ends on November 12.