LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Kenmark Eyewear has announced the renewal of its exclusive license agreement to develop, produce and distribute eyewear for the Original Penguin brand. Kenmark has designed and distributed eyewear in collaboration with Original Penguin for over a decade, beginning in 2011; this renewed partnership will continue until 2029, the announcement said. Since the start of their affiliation, Kenmark Eyewear and Original Penguin have successfully launched multiple eyewear segments, including Original Penguin optical, sun and junior collections. The synergy between the two teams has resulted in products that are both original and reflective of the heritage brand’s aesthetic, Kenmark said in a statement.

Walter Roth, eyewear designer at Kenmark, said, “We are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Original Penguin. This renewed collaboration allows us to keep delivering eyewear that perfectly blends Original Penguin’s iconic style with our commitment to quality and innovation. Together, we will continue to offer distinctive and timeless eyewear collections that our customers love.”

Mallory Fagan, director of marketing and creative design at Kenmark Eyewear, said, “We love Original Penguin here at Kenmark. It’s such an iconic brand with a wonderfully rich history. We are so proud to continue building their eyewear collection and showcasing the brand's playful personality.”