It was 2021 when L’Amy America signed an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Wayne, New Jersey-based Scene Eyewear. This year, that agreement came to fruition with the announcement of Seven.Five (75), L’Amy America’s American-made eyewear collection.

Designed at L’Amy’s headquarters in Connecticut and manufactured of global components in New Jersey, L’Amy America’s brand new Seven.Five collection is a luxury, handcrafted American collection. The initial collection, which officially launches at Vision Expo West this month, is made up of 12 models in four colors each. Sales from the collection support the Two Blind Brothers’ charitable initiative, too.

The collection’s name is a nod to American history, L’Amy’s director of lifestyle brands Connie Reiss explained: “The brand name 75 symbolizes the beginning—the start—the impetus of a movement. In 1775 the first, and perhaps most pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. The year 1775 marked the beginning of America’s quest for freedom.

“In a similar spirit, 75 is our start. We are among the first of a small handful of eyewear pioneers to invest in the American eyewear manufacturing movement. 75 not only symbolizes the beginning, but more importantly signifies the early days of the American eyewear revolution.”

L’Amy America is a large, global company, with international brands and partners—but the team sees the importance of homegrown production, too. Reiss told VM, “While we are a global company with manufacturing partners all around the world, we do believe in the importance of supplier diversification and that American manufacturing should play a bigger role than it currently does in the global eyewear supply chain.

“Ultimately, we are a consumer solutions provider and we create eyewear products and segments that fill consumer needs. The consumer demand for USA crafted products continues to increase. By addressing this consumer need, it becomes yet another key solution-segment for us that sets us apart from the competition.”

L’Amy America CEO and president Stephen Rappoport agreed. “At L’Amy America we are proud of our international heritage, but we are an American company. For decades we have been a global supplier with manufacturing facilities in various countries. Today, more than ever, we believe in the importance of supplier diversification but we believe America should play a more significant role in the manufacturing process.”

Combining global know-how and American handicraft, the 75 collection will be a staple for L’Amy America going forward—a collection that will allow the company to show off its personality and vision. “We combine skill and artistry resulting in a collection in which you can literally feel the craftsmanship—the luxury—and more than anything else, feel the commitment and pride that goes into the careful creation of each and every frame,” explained VP of business and product development Daniel Shack.

“Superior quality, handmade acetates, comfort-sculpted temple design, gorgeously distinctive colorations, and subtle patriotic detail make for a memorable collection.”