University Vision Centre
El Paso, Texas
Digital Technology Snapshot: Luxottica’s PromoBoxx

Alejandra Zamodio, optical manager of University Vision Centre, has been with the practice for 9 years and reports that the main office, which has served the El Paso area for 10 years, just opened a second, smaller office about 20 to 25 miles away, last June. University Vision Centre has embraced technology for a long time now she said.

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Alejandra Zamodio, optical manager of University Vision Centre

Said Zamodio, “We’ve always been a little more technologically adept than other traditional offices—we’ve been utilizing digital measuring tools, iPads for lens demos and so forth. With the pandemic, we are looking at these as tools to also show patients what we’re featuring in the office and help them browse or consider our offerings before they come in.”

Zamodio noted that the office never fully shut down; even in late March, April and May they were open for appointments with patients at least working partial days. “We also wanted to demonstrate our cleaning and sanitizing protocols with them. In the latter part of last year and this year, it’s still important to offer new and modern ways for people to ‘see’ selections.

Two months ago, the practice started to use Luxottica’s PromoBoxx, which is a digital marketing platform that allows independents to easily promote their favorite Luxottica brands with digital marketing content via social media email, and more. Customers create an account and have professionally made content at their fingertips at no cost to them.

Said Zamodio, “We have two of their digital media screens which are easily updated with new images which is a great way for people to see the latest images from the brands. We have also just started sharing those brand collection videos and images directly to our social media, Instagram and Twitter or Facebook.

“And it’s great that the ad campaigns also feature the new releases, so, for example with Tiffany, we just got new frames in last week and the images are already up on the Boxx and we can showcase these new arrivals to patients. They’ve made it really convenient for us by giving us some suggested caption and post ideas."