NEW YORK—Already under development prior to 2020, the advent of the pandemic led to the escalation of interest in My Frame Gallery (, a service developed by Frames Data, a division of the Jobson Optical Group. The desire to build outreach to patients and new customers prior to their coming into the practice became an important service particularly after practices reopened by mid-year.

The ability to enable patients to try and customize the mix of eyewear and sunwear choices, outpacing the physical frames (colorways, sizes, additional styles) which many practices house in their dispensary, is a digital technology that is now being embraced by more independent and multiple location practices.

Optical practices use My Frame Gallery to build virtual frame boards that their patients can browse from the comfort of home, in advance of their appointments. Because these Galleries are built on Frames Data’s comprehensive frame library, they can reflect the frames that the practice actually carries, enabling a consistent experience between online and in-store.

The combination of virtual try-on and wish list that My Frame Gallery offers has also allowed many users to implement a unique kind of workflow that helps patients select frames in advance, leading to a more efficient and satisfying patient in-person visit, which also frees up precious staff time.

My Frame Gallery is now generating over two million frame views and 80,000 consumer sessions per quarter, with on average 23 frame views per user, according to Tom Doyle, Frames Data’s director of marketing and key accounts.

The service has just recently added the ability to post a link to online appointment scheduling (so if the practice uses Solutionreach for scheduling they can link to it.)

New features added for small- to medium-sized multiple location retailers—listing all the locations on the page—allows the patient to select the correct location to send their wishlist, before they get into the practice. With Frames Data’s partner Fitting Box, thousands of new tryable frames are available each month. Practices choose the mix of brands and collections that they’d like patients to see.

Soon, noted Doyle, “We’ll be giving subscribers the ability to customize their ‘splash page’ (the header section that includes some welcome text and a large graphic) with their own art on their websites.”

One of the independent practices enthusiastically embracing My Frame Gallery this year is SeePort Optometry ( in North Port, Fla. According to licensed optician and owner Annie Hicks, this was “the right time to put My Frame Gallery in place.”

In 2020, Hicks was busy ramping up SeePort’s online activities, including a practice YouTube channel, a popular Facebook page, local activities and the implementation of the Gallery. “I want patients to know that during this time if they break their glasses, we can still help them and do it safely for everyone. My Frame Gallery fits in as one of the many tools we’ve put in place that will help us do that.”