Designed and created entirely in-house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, North Point Eyewear is Eyenavision’s American-made frame collection. Eyenavision has aligned itself with independent ECPs since its inception, and sees offering American-made eyewear as a natural extension of that commitment.

Caitlin Northup, director of products and marketing at Eyenavision, explained, “Making our own frames is a natural extension of our business. As a trusted partner of the independent ECP, we always want to be as responsive as possible to our customers. By producing our own Made in America frame line, we can experiment with designs and color selections in-house. We can turn our concepts into reality in a matter of weeks, versus months from offshore factories.”

In addition to the North Point line, Eyenavision also offers private label Made in America collections at its Pittsburgh factory. Any updates and improvements designed for North Point are available to private label customers, too. The team is working on increasing the number of sizes they can offer, engaging in suitability efforts, and working to move more supporting marking products to other made in America vendors.

Material costs are rising, but “making frames domestically has become a competitive advantage,” said Northup. “Our independent ECP customers recognize the value of working with suppliers based in the U.S. Additionally, we have several new projects in the pipeline regarding sustainability, recycling and customization. These are all projects we’re working on with U.S. vendors—something we might not have done if COVID hadn’t helped highlight the need to create an independence from overseas factories.”

Having a factory based in the U.S. means the North Point team can be close to its customers and partners—a near non-negotiable when working with independent ECPs. Customers are always welcome for tours at the North Point factory, and the team truly takes partner input to heart. Northup said, “We’ve had great feedback from our accounts—new and old alike. We rely on the relationships we have with our ECP customers. We listen and appreciate their business; their input is invaluable.

“We invite anyone interested in the process of making frames to come visit our factory. We aspire to be close to our accounts—we want them to trust North Point Eyewear as an extension of their own brand. Whether putting North Point frames on their board, or working with our in-house design team on a private-label collection, we’re proud to put names and faces to the work behind the production.

“There’s no need to wonder who is making the frames you sell. We can tell you which of our team-members is responsible for each part of the process.”