Ranch Road Vision Source
Austin, Texas
Digital Technology Snapshot: Essilor’s SmartBook

Dr. Shazeen Ali, Ranch Road Vision Source, has served as a dedicated provider of quality vision services and products to Austin, Steiner Ranch, Anderson Hill, and the surrounding Texas areas since 2015. She is a therapeutic optometrist specializing in primary eyecare and certified as an optometric glaucoma specialist. She has adopted several digital technologies in both her exam room and in the dispensary as well as helping connect with patients online before and after they visit the practice.

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Dr. Shazeen Ali, Ranch Road Vision Source

Dr. Ali told VM that early on, just about a year or two after the practice opened, she has been working with SmartBook, as a way of enabling patients to schedule appointments online. “We love it and patients love it, too. Now we are working with Essilor’s SmartBook in which we can set the appointment slots’ timing and, when we send reminders about eye exams and products to consider, we can also mention their PALs, discuss eye fatigue and Eyezen. Or blue light and UV protection or AR coating options.”

Since the advent of the pandemic, Dr. Ali said, “With so many people working remotely and with virtual learning and screen time for all, these are helpful suggestions which plant a seed with the patient, so they can learn about new products and product solutions before they get here.” She noted, “I also find it helpful to continue those conversations during the exam with the patient. When we are looking at retinal images, we can show them which areas of the eye are vulnerable with increased UV exposure, for example.”

Dr. Ali’s practice has been using other digital tools, too. These were employed prior to the pandemic and now have really proven their additional value. She said, “We want to communicate to patients in ways that make sense for their lives and our busy practice, even after hours.”

Dr Ali said she continues to explore additional digital tools and technology for help in managing operations and connections with patients, in the dispensary and in the exam area.