Schneider Rethinks Preventive Maintenance for Labs

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Prescription labs are always looking for ways to operate more profitably and cost effectively. But with machines working as fast as they can, utilization as high as possible and costs cut to a minimum, what other options do labs have for optimization?

Lab equipment maker Schneider believes that a lab’s further potential can only be unleashed with advanced service. However, highly skilled service staff will always be a scarce resource. And even if it exists, the best technicians for the job at hand are not always available.

To solve this problem, Schneider has developed a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that helps labs become self-sufficient when performing preventive maintenance. CMMS enables labs to perform maintenance reliably and professionally. The system provides intelligence on how to do maintenance and troubleshoot, assisting labs with maintenance plans, step-by-step video tutorials, manuals and ready-made parts packages. The system also offers remote service support utilizing Augmented Reality glasses or tablets for effective troubleshooting assistance. Seeing exactly what the technician sees, Schneider professionals can assess the situation in real-time and direct the technician to perform the necessary maintenance.

“With the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), we’re introducing a smart maintenance and service support system that has been developed specifically for ophthalmic labs to attain increased upkeep and efficiency,” said Tobias Schneider, the company’s marketing manager.

He noted that the CMMS comes preconfigured with the full documentation, check lists, videos, as well as predefined workflows and a spare parts catalogue on-board, customized for the individual lab. As machines change, the documentation is always kept up-to-date to reflect the current status, making the system “future proof.”

If required, labs can implement their own plans, additional tasks and content, he added. And if a problem comes up, they can opt for remote service support.

“Especially now that travel is greatly restricted and social distancing is recommended, this is an exciting alternative,” said Schneider.

Click below to watch a video about Schneider’s CMMS.