Jun Gobron.

PARIS—Silmo has named Jun Gobron the 2022 Silmo d’Or Awards jury president. Gobron is an interior architect and designer with an economic sciences degree from the Free University of Brussels. He also studied at the École supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc of Brussels. His designs are light and minimalist, combining streamlined, minimalism from Japan with elaborate decoration of Europe. Godron said, “I learned a lot about economics, and it helps me in my work on a daily basis.

"The profession of interior architect or designer is not limited to the creative side... In fact, that’s only a small part of it. Once you get the idea, you have to execute it. You become a sort of project manager. You are responsible for handling various participants, drawing up budgets, planning, and so on.”
The Silmo d’Or Awards are awarded every year at Silmo. Submissions are open on the Silmo website.