Italian-born and American-made, Thema Eyewear opened its Miami, Florida factory in 2017 to “bring the quality and tradition of Italian eyewear to the United States,” Giulia Valmassoi, CEO North America, Thema, told VM. The company’s three most popular brands are iGreen Hi-Tech, which focuses on biobased acetate frames, O-Six Eyewear and Giorgio Valmassoi 1971, its classic and contemporary collection that uses luxury materials.

Overall, Thema focuses on creating eyewear that is both eco-friendly, made to order and entirely customizable—all achieved in its Miami factory.

Valmassoi explained, “The importance of having our collection Made in USA was inspired by the opportunities we were fortunate [in] having when coming to the States. Having our factory in the U.S. has provided our workers, who have migrated from countries all [around] the world, an opportunity to use their skills and techniques in eyewear manufacturing and in turn creating a stronger community and economy.

Since most of our designs are made-to-order, our goal was to utilize the same manufacturing techniques used in Italy to make customizable frames for our U.S. customers within three to five business days from the order. Producing our frames in the U.S. doesn’t just add the value of American made eyewear, but also gives us the ability to maintain the high quality of our products.”

While the increasing prices of raw materials and wages have caused Thema to raise some prices themselves, Valmassoi has found that customers are happy to pay in a little more for Thema, especially considering the direct relationship between the Thema factory and the ECP. Thema welcomes customers for factory tours regularly whenever it is safe to do so, and Valmassoi said a majority of Thema’s customers are small businesses who “have shifted their optical store inventory selection to only purchase Made in USA products and support independent brands.”

The relationship between factory and ECP is more important than ever—and Thema understands how to bridge that gap in a uniquely impressive way. Getting a custom-made pair of frames into the customer’s hands within a week is no small feat, but Thema does exactly that every single day. “Customers are excited when they hear only three to five business days for a custom frame to be produced and their patients receive the frame within seven days of placing their order,” said Valmassoi. “With our frames being produced in small batches, we can uphold a higher quality of standard for all our products and guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

Thema always aims to be at the forefront of eyewear innovation, especially when it comes to the areas of sustainability and customization. Eyewear that is made in the U.S. fits into these areas perfectly, said Valmassoi. “What we have seen lately in sales trends and customer demands, is an interest in eco friendly product offerings, interactive digital services, made-to-order designs, and Made in USA products.”

As Thema continues to reach for what’s next, being American-made remains at the heart of its growth.