Consumers Want Personalized Content, But Many Marketers Fail to Deliver

Recent data from Infogroup shows that although consumers are seeking personalized experiences from brands they’re interested in, many marketers still fail to deliver it.

As eMarketer’s Rimma Kats points out, 93 percent of U.S. internet users surveyed by Infogroup said they weren’t getting any relevant marketing communications, and almost as many (90 percent) were annoyed by irrelevant messaging. More importantly, 44 percent of respondents said they would switch to other brands that did a better job of personalizing the content they saw.

The Infogroup study is just one of many that illustrates the ongoing struggles companies face when delivering experiences consumers have come to expect, Kats said. According to January 2019 research from The Harris Poll, nearly three-quarters of consumers in North America felt that brands struggle to create more personalized and individual experiences, thanks in large part to rising expectations.

“In an era of information overload, consumers appreciate brands that give them signal rather than noise,” said Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst. “But few brands have enough first-party data to consistently deliver the personalized experience that most consumers crave. Many will need to up their game or risk turning away their customers over time.”

And marketers are working to get there. Kats cites a worldwide survey conducted by Forbes Insights in May 2019 that found that a third of companies surveyed said they place a “high priority” on delivering personalized customer experiences, and 57 percent said they place “somewhat of a priority.”