Even amid swirling controversies, Facebook is the single most popular U.S. social network, with 83 percent of adult social media users in the U.S. reporting that they visit the platform in a typical week, according to eMarketer. Meanwhile, 68 percent said the same for YouTube, and 52 percent cited Instagram. Relative newcomer TikTok falls further down the social media ladder, with 31 percent saying they access the short-video platform in a typical week.

In other news about Facebook, eMarketer reports “Facebook may be planning to change its brand name to shift focus away from its traditional ‘blue’ app and toward Mark Zuckerberg’s loftier metaverse vision according to a source in The Verge. 

“The rumored name change, which could come as early as next week, would attempt to mirror Google’s strategy in 2015 when it created the broader conglomerate Alphabet to better reflect its growing diverse portfolio of businesses. A corporate name change would mark the strongest signal yet of Facebook’s evolution away from social media and toward hardware and emerging tech product offerings.”