Ford Mustang Fans are More Patriotic and Family-Oriented, Research Firm Finds

Digging deep into the available data, YouGov recently took a look at the group of people who own a Ford Mustang, which is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year. The new data and corresponding analysis sheds new light on the consumer group that holds a positive opinion of the popular American muscle car, according to research firm YouGov.

Overall, fans of the Ford Mustang ages 18 and over appear more patriotic than U.S. adults as a whole, the research firm noted. “When asked if they’re proud to be an American, for instance, 88 percent of Mustang fans agree, compared with 82 percent of all consumers ages 18-plus,” the firm reported. “Ford Mustang fans are also more likely to say they make an effort to support American businesses and, if given the choice, tend to buy products made domestically.”

In looking at other characteristics of Mustang owners, YouGov said that Mustang fans also appear to show a stronger devotion to family. “This consumer group is slightly more likely than U.S. adults, in general, to agree that having a car that works well for the whole family is very important (86 percent vs. 84 percent), the research firm said. “Furthermore, Ford Mustang admirers report a higher level of agreement when presented with the statements, ‘My family is more important to me than my career’ and ‘Family over everything.’”

In another comparison with all U.S. adults, the data suggests that Mustang fans are more drawn to loyalty programs. In total, 61 percent think all brands should offer loyalty programs, compared with 58 percent of American shoppers. Mustang fans also say they’re more loyal and feel more emotionally connected to brands when they’re a loyalty program member at higher rates than the average consumer.