CALGARY—FYidoctors, a diversified health care organization based here, is launching its Future Vision Leaders program, a one-of-a-kind initiative designed to help new and recent optometry graduates with up to $100,000 in forgivable loans. This unique program aims to partner the next generation of optometrists with patients and regions across Canada that are in marked need of professional eyecare expertise, apart from giving new optometrists a career boost unlike no other. “FYidoctors was founded on doctors defining what eyecare looks like—both now and in the future,” FYidoctors chairman and chief executive officer Dr. Alan Ulsifer said.

“This includes the vision to bring the highest level of eyecare to all regions of Canada, with special appreciation and presence in rural and under-serviced areas. Eyecare and vision is too important to the quality of one’s life to be limited in availability. We are excited about the Future Vision Leaders program to help us fill these important public needs while giving the next generation of optometrists rewarding opportunities.”
As part of the program, FYidoctors will assess applicants on an ad hoc basis and offer them 100 percent forgivable loans of up to $100,000 for new graduates as well as those who have graduated within the last several years. Successful applicants who enter the program will then be partnered with clinics in either urban, rural or remote regions, with the aim of bolstering the future of the industry while giving Canadians in those regions better all-around access to eyecare, according to an announcement this week.
Apart from the Future Vision Leaders loan, graduates who enter the program will also receive competitive base rate compensation, optical benefits and access to world-class innovation, leadership and development opportunities. Additionally, individuals could be eligible for guaranteed minimum pay and moving expenses, the announcement noted.
“I was a young optometrist when we founded FYidoctors in 2008,” Dr. Michael Naugle, FYidoctors’ vice president, optometric partnerships, said. “And I have benefitted from our OD-owned and controlled model that allows us to practice to the highest level of care due to our emphasis on technology and advanced eyecare. 
"As the largest collegial ownership model, we are always looking for the best optometric talent. This one-of-a-kind program helps serve our collective goals in a way that everyone—especially the health care industry—wins. We are excited for its launch and to congratulate our first cohort of Future Vision Leaders.”
Interested applicants are encouraged to email for more details and to initiate a discussion with a program advisor.