Denver, Colo.
Co-owner and President: Ira Haber



“A couple of years ago, we changed the advertising tag line for Europtics to ‘The Art Of Optics’. With the new Europtics Cherry Creek North location in Denver, we were truly able to put this tag line into visible practice by covering a number of the windows in the new location with classic artwork wearing eyewear that Europtics sells. A number of the windows needed to be painted over or obscured, as they were doctors’ exam rooms or windows to spaces such as offices that didn’t need light or peering eyes. Some of the great artwork pictured on the windows include paintings from DaVinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Vermeer, Gauguin and Modigliani. Eyeglasses featured on these paintings include Anne et Valentin, Etnia and more. The six windows covered in vinyl measure between eight to 10 feet in height and are as wide as seven feet across.

Europtics’ new flagship Cherry Creek North store is an exciting new look for the optical retailer and for the industry. This store throws out the conventional and reinvents the retail optical store with a cutting edge look that brings every brand name to a level playing field, with over 1,000 frames displayed from corner to corner. The decor is modern, with lots of glass to showcase product instead of fixtures. Inside are four 42-inch monitors playing long customized videos targeting different portions of the business, from eyewear frame design to fashion sunglasses. In the ceiling are five huge clear Lucite triangles filled with old eyewear frames. The new store has brought new life and new excitement to this high-end retail legend. Sales are up, and more shoppers are finding the name brand designer eyeglasses and sunglasses Europtics has built a 25-year reputation providing.”