Jimmy Jobgebloed, GEI

Styles F0355A61 (top) and F03594 (bottom) from the Paris Hilton Sunglass Collection from GEI
By Deirdre Carroll:
Senior Editor

HOUSTON, Texas—Gripping Eyewear Inc. (GEI) has launched the Paris Hilton Sunglass Collection. According to the company, the collection features designs that reflect the many facets of Hilton—from red carpet glamour to classic sophistication to casual and playful everyday wear.

“Paris Hilton as a brand represents beauty, elegance and an exquisite fashion sense,” said Jimmy Jongebloed, president and CEO of GEI. “The sunglass collection embraces these values with the unsurpassed quality, technology and production expertise of GEI. Paris personally worked with GEI designers on each concept and closely directed the look of the collection.”

“It’s no secret that I adore sunglasses, and I am incredibly excited to finally have a collection of my own,” added Hilton.

The collection features 12 styles in three to four color variations coordinated with patented lens wraps and magnetic visor clips. GEI has integrated their exclusive technology into the frames by placing magnets on the temples of each style shaped like charms that reference iconic symbols significant to Hilton.

Marketing support includes personal appearances by Paris Hilton at retail locations, as well as on national television talk shows. Dispenser price guide: $$