NEW YORK—Facebook for Business is now Meta for Business, in line with the multi-platform social media giant’s recent name change. But its wide array of business tools, inspirations, tips and insights are still part of a very informative series of resources that the company offers to users of all types. Including small businesses. This special section of the website offers articles, examples, guidance and explanations for a range of the policies on all of the group’s platforms from Facebook to Messenger to Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

An extensive section helps businesses expand their business via Facebook’s various sections on Finding Your Audience and Accomplishing Business Goals along with details on Facebook ad formats and procedures. 

Another key development coming toward all of us will be the development of the “metaverse” a new augmented reality world in which Facebook is playing a major role. Special webinars and courses offer insights and a glimpse into this new future.

Advice and examples and tips for creating compelling visual product messages, stories and more are detailed on the Instagram section including sections on Instagram trends, using Reels to the best effect and branding content. Similar resource-idea-rich sections on Messenger and WhatsApp are part of the special section.

There are special areas dedicated to Small Business challenges as well as free tools and advertising information.