NEW YORK—Without a doubt, it’s vital for businesses to have a good social media presence in today’s world. But for small businesses owners, independent ECPs included, managing social media can fall to the back burner when there’s so much other work to do. Fundamentally, social media allows ECPs to keep in touch with their patients and communities, and to connect with them from anywhere. Important social media tasks range from responding to comments and questions to posting stories and checking analytics.

These things can be time consuming and confusing, but thankfully, it’s possible to automate social media these days. Users can draft posts ahead of time, or even use templates and advice from social media professionals.


ClearVision has stepped into the optical social media space, too. The company is now offering Promoboxx, a free digital marketing platform that allows ECPs to easily and quickly promote ClearVision brands to their patients. The program offers assets that can be used on social media, email, practice websites, landing pages and more, and helps busy ECPs save time and stress on social media.

Head over to ClearVision’s Promoboxx dashboard to learn some more about this resource, or to sign up.