NEW YORK—Increasingly, inspirational and attention-getting backdrops and interiors are elevating the in-store experience for many customers. Ideas for selfie stations, pop-up shops that can extend an independent practice’s reach or raise an optical location’s own profile in its local market have become essential. A great resource that can help on all of these counts is The Lionesque Group, an award-winning pop-up and “experiential” and influential retail trend agency. Headed by co-founder and CEO Melissa Gonzalez, the firm’s work and perspectives are multi-dimensional and offer ideas for small businesses in all categories.

Gonzalez has been a popular speaker at Vision Monday’s Summits, and she shared her views and visual examples about “What’s a Store For” at VM’s virtual Summit last fall.

Indies can follow TLG, The Lionesque Group’s Instagram for a treasure trove of great advice and suggestions. The company’s website offers great visual Perspectives and short trend reports that can be adapted by optical shops and optometry offices, as well as examples of successful pop-ups from around the country. Gonzales’ podcast, Retail Redefined, features her own advice and guidance and conversations with leading retail design and experiential retail experts, too.

Finally, don’t miss her great advice about summertime pop-ups and merchandising.