Transitions Fall 2023 conference will explore what it takes to be a good and effective owner of a family-run business. Photo courtesy of Family Business Magazine

NEW YORK—What does it take to be a good and effective owner of a multigenerational family business? Responsible owners play the most critical role in ensuring the long-term survival and success of a family business. They know how to balance the needs of the business with their own needs. Find out what it takes to be a good and effective owner at Transitions Fall 2023, November 1-3 in San Diego, Calif. The conference, sponsored by Family Business Magazine, will take place at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa.

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Attendees can join with current and future owners and learn how to build a strong ownership culture that ensures that the family business thrives for generations to come, according to Family Business Magazine. Some of the highlights from the Transitions Fall 2023 conference will include:

Speakers from family companies: The focus is on speakers from family enterprises, sharing real-life problems and solutions.

Intimate, open environment: Limited attendance, and a private "safe harbor" environment in which to openly share challenges and opportunities with other families.

Collaborative discussions: Opportunities to work through family issues via guided discussions.

No-Sell environment: Conference sponsors understand and commit to participating as thought leaders and experts, and are restricted from actively selling their products and services.

Peer Groups: Attendees get the opportunity to engage in small working groups with a facilitator leading the session. This is a tech-free place for attendees to share stories, resources and experiences in a confidential environment with other family businesses.

Networking with families like attendees: Hosted networking, opening reception, meals, breaks and workshops are all designed to allow attendees to meet many family enterprise attendees.

Family focus: Brought to you by family-owned Family Business Magazine uses family-owned or family-controlled hotels, transportation services, restaurants and service providers whenever possible.

Pre-Conference Family Office Bootcamp: Aimed at attendees interested in starting a family office or improving the performance of their current family office. The Bootcamp is new this year. Seating is limited so register here.

Transitions Fall 2023 allows attendees to hear how other families deal with their multi-generational successes and challenges in an openly sharing environment. Participants can learn how to achieve a common language with family members to discuss those difficult issues with a positive outcome. Topic-based breakouts and peer groups allow attendees and their families members to drill down more deeply into areas of specific interest or need.

Attendance is limited to owners, CEOs, directors, senior executives (including non-family executives and non-family board members) family council leaders or shareholders of family-owned businesses whose primary business is other than advising family-owned businesses.

This conference is designed to facilitate conversation on important family issues among generations. Senior advisers to family businesses may attend only with family members.

All attendees will be vetted to ensure that they are family company leaders, members or shareholders. This event is only for family-run companies or enterprises. Senior advisers to family companies may attend only with the family company they represent.