NEW YORK—Now is the optimum time to start planning—and get your patients and customers thinking about—a special holiday event for your practice. Through an instructional video featuring suggestions from its two in-house marketing experts, EyeCarePro, which helps optometry practices manage a range of digital communications and programs, has pulled together holiday campaign graphics and more tips and suggestions to help for the holidays. These are via a free download of images and are designed to help teams with the steps of communicating about the event via social media, email communications and other outreach to help create a successful event.

The EyeCarePro experts also discuss how to work with frame reps, engage the staff, settle on a charity element to add a “social purpose” to the event, and how to create fun. They also point to ways of leveraging a practice’s social media presence and boosted posts to reach patients and prospective patients.

EyeCarePro offers a series of topics and themes, with downloadable resources and tips, for helping optometrists and their staff by providing and collaborating on a range of marketing plans and digital support.