NEW YORK—Did you know that a range of helpful programs, articles and guides are available to small businesses through Mastercard? These span services that include ways to enhance mobile and contactless payments, but go beyond to help small businesses emerge from the COVID pandemic through the HelloAliceCovid19 Business Center of services. The company also works with Mastercard Business Card holders on special programs and assistance. You can learn more about those programs here. There are credits and promotions that can extend the reach of small business advertising. More details are found here.

There are also special rates for Uber for Business for all Mastercard Small Business card owners, too.

Mastercard also helps small businesses in other ways such as their “Small Business Strivers” programs. One of these helps accelerate digital access for your customers. “Digital Doors” provides tools, education and guidance to help small businesses securely do transactions online and access the funds to do this.

Mastercard has also pledged $500 million to help close the racial wealth and opportunity gap for Black communities and businesses across America. The company offers equitable financial tools, investment and partnerships to bring Black women-owned businesses into the digital economy.

Mastercard’s partnership with Fearless Fund is still accepting applications from black-owned, women-led entrepreneurial businesses through the end of this year. Details are posted here. Black women-owned businesses are featured portraits offering inspiration in Mastercard’s Striver’s Gallery, found here.