NEW YORK—Many of eyecare professionals’ challenges are faced by independent health care providers of all types. One unique resource which offers some general but pertinent insights which can be easily applied by independent ECPs is from a firm called NinetyNineHealthcareManagement. The agency offers a range of resources, but one interesting component of the website is its blog, found here. A range of tips and guides are shared on the blog, for example, “8 Ways a Virtual Assistant Benefits Your Practice.”

And this one, posted prior to the pandemic, is as relevant as ever—“10 of the Best Social Media Tips for Healthcare Professionals.” This helpful guide offers 10 things HCPs (and of course, ECPs) need to prioritize. Among these:

  • Develop an Online Personality for your Practice 

  • Provide Content that People Can’t Find Elsewhere 

  • Advertise!

  • Engage With Relevant Accounts

  • Consider a Social Media Management System

  • Behind the Scenes Content

  • Share Practice Updates
More eyecare practices are seeing the benefits and patient reactions, and interactions, to a modern social media presence. NinetyNineHealthcareManagement’s blog and website is a helpful, insightful source of tactics and advice which can be adapted to the vision care world.