NEW YORK—Yellow is not a color many of us reach for in our day-to-day lives—it can be hard to style, and some shades of it are undeniably harsh on the eyes. But like it or not, yellow is having a moment in fashion. Maybe it’s the U.S. Open pushing bright, yellow tennis balls to the forefront of our minds—or maybe it’s just us clinging to summer sunshine as the days slowly get shorter. Whatever it is, it’s happening. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the ways yellow eyewear has popped up across the industry lately; feel free to use this moment to get inspired for your own in-store displays, social media posts or eyewear wardrobes.

Specs Around Town in Bloomington, Illinois, spotlighted these amazing, whimsical JF Rey frames that come with a bold, yellow case that is an ode to tennis. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram

The color of tennis balls is called Optic Yellow—Eyesite Opticians in Leeds, England, reports that David Attenborough came up with the idea to make them easier to see on TV. Nowadays, Optic Yellow sounds like a fantastic theme for a shop display or window. Image via eyesite_opticians_leeds on Instagram

Spectacle Society in Detroit shared these amazing, yellow Kirk & Kirk frames, which are particularly striking against the blue sky. Image via spectaclesocietydetroit on Instagram

A patient at Eye Candy in Delafield, Wisconsin, chose these amazingly yellow frames from Tarian Paris. Image via eyecandywi on Instagram

Ray-Ban has debuted a special “Giallo” (yellow in Italian) sun style for the Ferrari Formula 1 team’s home race in Italy this month. The yellow details on the frame are a nod to the original Ferrari car, which was yellow. Image via rayban on Instagram