NEW YORK—For opticians and frame stylists, there are few things more satisfying than helping a client find the perfect frame for them. But the good feeling doesn’t have to stop when the client leaves—perfect fits and perfect finds can make great social media content, especially when you find a great way to present them. Some choose to post a picture every time a client makes a purchase, or to do a wrap-up at the end of each month. Others, like the team at A Proper View in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have set aside a special Instagram feature for these moments: one they call “Framed.”

The idea of the “Framed” feature is simple: just a client in their new frames, showing off their new look. What sets it apart is the intention—titling the feature, photographing it well, posting it on social media on dedicated days with a dedicated hashtag. This week we’re taking a look at A Proper View’s Framed feature to offer some inspiration. Get workshopping a hashtag, and get inspired.

For the most recent Framed feature, the team spotlight Kenny in a Mr. Leight frame. The caption offers details about the frame and Kenny. Image via aproperview on Instagram

This Framed feature shows off a flattering cat eye, including how the Krewe frame color is perfectly coordinated with Jenn’s hair. Image via aproperview on Instagram

Couples work great for these features too, especially when they buy multiple frames, like Candice and Josh in Krewe, Barton Perreira and Orgreen on the second slide. Image via aproperview on Instagram

A feature like Framed is especially fun with bold colors and funky frames, like Donald in his Woow Eyewear. Image via aproperview on Instagram