NEW YORK—Many of us are spending more time on social media these days, which has a fair amount of both upsides and downsides. Social media can be a negative place even at the best of times, so it’s no surprise that there are some corners of the internet that naturally feel pretty doom and gloom right now—but it doesn’t all have to be that way. In tough times, social media can also allow us to connect with one another, reminisce about good times, plan for the future and bond over the things we love. That’s exactly what Silmo Paris is doing with the #EyewearChallenge, which the show started as a way to spread some fun and bonding while many of us are online. Here’s a look at how it’s been taking over the industry on Instagram.

Silmo Paris started the challenge, which asks participants to either share the first picture of them in glasses or their favorite lockdown frames, and then tag three friends to take part, too. Image via Silmo Paris on Instagram.

The team at Logan Eye Care in Lake Mary, Florida, took part in the challenge, sharing both a throwback picture and a current one. Image via Logan Eye Care on Instagram.

Nathan Troxell, director of industry development at Think About Your Eyes shared a throwback, too—as he said, not too much has changed over the years. Image via Nathan Troxell on Instagram

The team at Copenhagen Specs got involved too—here’s their CEO, Morten Gammelmark. Image via Copenhagen Specs on Instagram. 

The Icelandic-Danish optician behind the Optikerinn Instagram account also shared a throwback to get involved. Image via Optikerinn on Instagram.

20/20 Europe’s publisher Matilde Sometti shared her favorite lockdown sunglasses—and a memory of sunnier days. Image via Matilde Sometti on Instagram.