NEW YORK—They say not to judge a book by its cover, but there’s no denying that we all do sometimes—and the same goes for judging a shop by its storefront. Although there’s only so much a shop owner can control when it comes to their store’s physical appearance, a bright, welcoming atmosphere can really go a long way. Adding unique elements can also make a store stand out from the crowd, and even entice potential customers to come in. 

This week, we took a look through the hashtag #StorefrontCollective on Instagram, where shop owners and browsers alike share images of the striking storefronts they come across. The hashtag is inspired by the Instagram account of the same name, which also shares gorgeous shop fronts spotted all around the world. From bakeries and coffee shops to bookstores and florists, and everything in between. Take a little inspiration for your own storefront, especially as we switch seasons and shake things up.

Even without massive signage, this bookstore in New Orleans’ French Quarter grabs attention due to its gorgeous windows, stacks of books and moody lighting. Image via nola_val on Instagram

Flower arrangements are one of the best ways to capture attention from passers-by—and turn your storefront into a photo hot spot. Image via betsyinbath on Instagram

For stores that are below street level or low on windows, a bright color and fun design is the perfect way to turn a plain wall into a destination. Image via curiouskatsees on Instagram

And if you have a lot of windows, the same rule can apply: an unexpected pop of color is an easy way to make your store stand out. Image via storefrontcollective on Instagram

If you have space for it, an awning can provide extra real estate—and more space to bring in a fun pattern or color that will draw attention. Image via storefrontcollective on Instagram